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Dino Andrade 0

Dino Andrade

So while at Comikaze last weekend, I noticed a familiar face who also very much remembered me from Comic Con ’09. Didn’t know I could be so memorable after 3 years from first meeting someone. Voice actor Dino Andrade, meeting with fans, signing stuff, and taking photos with them. But when I saw him at Comic Con before he was promoting his site SoulGeek which is a dating site for more nerd like people, and if you ask me thats a good idea. Any who, one of the things he was telling me about is he’s done some voice overs for some characters in the game World of Warcraft like the Gnome racial leader High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque. So then I was telling him about how I’m doing some experimentation in Photoshop with 3D models, and how I’ve figure out a way to export Warcraft models in a format I can open up in photoshop which in turn has some 3D tools to use in the program itself and wanted to see if I can pull this off. Take a photo of him and add Mekkatorque in almost as if they are in the photo together. I know, strange but it’s something neat to play around with. Still a lot to figure out with the 3D stuff, more so wonder how some of the polys look so hard edged on the face. Also need to figure out the alpha problem.

Fotoshop by Adobé 0

Fotoshop by Adobé

Thats kind of the thing with me, when I take photos and edit them I don’t do heavy editing like that because I don’t see any reason to at all. It’s not natural and looks very unhealthy to the point it can be scary. But if for any reason I am taking photos of something that needs heavy editing it’s because thats what I was planing to do with them in the first place and it’s to do something else I had in mind completely thats more fun.

Warriors of Xenu 0

Warriors of Xenu

Tory Christman has been a long time critic of scientology after she had left from being in for 30 years. umm, I think it would be better to read her story on her wikipedia page because it would describe everything a lot better then I could.

but anywho, during one of the protests awhile ago she asked if someone can photoshop her coming out of the volcano because of all the former scientologist there at the moment she was the only one made it to OT3 and read the xenu story when she was ready. so i did and printed a copy for her the next time i saw her after this.

Evil Ex #8 0

Evil Ex #8

So on the site Deviantart, they had a contest for the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which I HAVE YET TO SEE, ugh, but I will. The idea behind it is to create an 8th evil ex and create them in anyway you can think of. so I used my photoshop skills without surprise.

the powers behind this guy? generates anti-matter. wasn’t sure what it would look like so I just made purple flames just to get some from of a type of energy blast to itself project as. i don’t know, the idea works for me so i went with it.

The Founding Order 1

The Founding Order

made this for some contest on deviantart, I didn’t win crap… assholes

A new group known as the founding order wishes to bring a new era of peace, justice, and law. much so they will bring an end to anyone that does not follow.

this is a problem for our local heroes who will not to submit there own will to something that has the potential of being far more dangerous

along the way shock gains a new ability, the THUNDERDOME

Pumpkin Command 2

Pumpkin Command

made on halloween ’07, I got the idea of walking pumpkins somewhere and sounded like would make for an interesting photoshop. a friend of mine wanted me to photoshop her in something, she wanted lightning powers so I figured why not.
at first I had something else in mind for the person controlling the pumpkins, give them a pumpkin head but was being annoying to add on so I did without