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Slide in the City LA, Canceled?

There are issues for the event that is supposed to be next weekend where the city has denied permits for it to happen. Thats really sad because I thought the entire thing was a go. Now many people have complained about the event because of the massive drought we have been in the middle of but there are still supporters out there who want this to happen. It is also possible the event is being postponed to a later date. That could be fine, even in later months there could also be rather warm day. There have been times in november it’s reached up to the mid-80’s.

Lets wait and see what happens.


Whats this?

It’s all cold, and wet. And to make things more unusual it turns into water while in your hands.


LA Water Balloon Fight ’13

So I had an interesting day of which I did more then I expected. It started off helping a women break a $20 bill so she can get on the bus, and another guy from out of state getting near LAX, and getting something that will be part of my halloween costume for this year over at the fashion district in Downtown. So while in downtown I get to a wifi spot and decide to check my internets some and get a reminder of the water balloon fight going on in Van Nuys, a long with a location on where. I also saw the event was starting at 2, and it was already 2 so I figured head over anyways and see if I can catch anything still. I get there just over an hour later to see nothing had really started yet, and I’m very happy about this because I can see I can still get some photos out of this, and so I did. Afterwards some of us hung out and mealed.

This should be done again but also using water guns.


Behold, Jesus

Get it, because I’m standing on water… hahaha. Wow, I look kind of short here, then again I am short already so whatever. But if you are wondering whats going on a friend of mine was recording a video today and needed some people to help and be in it. I was in the area and figured why not. I don’t know when it will be online but will post when that happens.