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Stupid Puny Shield!

Why can’t I punch through it?

Today at Amoeba in Hollywood they held an event related to Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming out on DVD and Blu Ray, where you can buy the movie there and get meet with some of the directors of the movie and have it signed. They also had a vending machine with a mass of USB devices. After you picked it up you would walk to a nearby truck with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on it, plug it in the computer inside and see what prize you won. It could be a free DVD, tickets to see Age of Ultron, or what I got, a lithograph, which is actually kind of cool. I’ll post that up later. I did got a few photos but wanted to post this one first. I found her going as the Winter Soldier and figured I could get something fun, saw the guy with the mini shield and had her punch it.


Hollywood Christmas Parade ’11

Yes, I am now posting this. So on sunday I had two plans on places to go, one was to goto downtown LA to hang with the Occupiers and see NOFX play a free show. I know I would of got some good shots there. next was go down to hollywood and crash the parade as I have before and annoy the scientologists, and piss of Moxon again because I do that. Sadly my timing got completely messed up because of one unforeseen event and I had to take a longer route to head over to downtown but by the time I would of made it would of been to late and would of needed to be in hollywood by then anyways.

So I got to the parade, found winter wonderland, took a few photos and was wondering where the rest of my group that was supposed to join me was but tried out they where over at another location getting messed with wrongfully.

lame night

Welcome to Los Angeles 0

Welcome to Los Angeles

first of all, i recorded more people but i had to cut them out because i thought needed it to be under a 1 minute. clearly i was given bad info. if I recorded you and didn’t get in let me know and i’ll find some way to make it up to you if you want.

made for some lame contest i knew i would lose, but why not try anyways. no idea on what to do so i make it like the “welcome to california” ad to show how much there is to do in the area.

here or the rest of the videos that were liked the most. personally i thought most were lame anyways other the one with the hands, I had a nice laugh with it. SUPER LAME FEST

and if they decide to do this contest again, i know exactly what to do now. and it will have my neat visuals


Winter Wonderland Raid ’10

yes, i finally have everything up and ready again to photos photos properly. Anywho, two weeks ago we had a nice little protest in hollywood, mainly on the blvd and really bothered scientology at there winter wonderland display they set up just for PR reasons. Also this time around we were more sneaky, first time we protested at it scientology got themselves a bogus film permit to keep us from walking in front of it. The next year they called cops telling them we were making threats on them. Police there kept accusing us of loitering when we were in fact protesting at it. this time, they didn’t see it coming. Now what was really messed up was I kept saying the city itself has a better winter display at Pershing Square, and it’s true. They have ice skating, snow, and it’s a bigger set up. But no Santa, but it does go on for a longer time, late January I believe.

Walking in a Winder Wonderland