Tenacious D – Time Warp

Election day in the US is in a week, and I’m really hoping this goes right. As in, trump loses. If you haven’t sent in your mail in ballot yet, do so now. If you rather goto a polling place, be sure to mask up and keep your distance from others to help prevent the spread of covid. I had mine sent in. But I’m the only one encouraging the vote. Tenacious D did a cover of Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show, because who says artists can’t express themselves?

Now, I’ve seen that movie twice in theaters. But as we all know seeing anything in theaters has not been possible for months because of covid. Even thought I think the movie is overrated because I don’t really care much for musicals, it was still kind of fun. I still remember the first time I was there, one of the crew people wrote “cock” on my forehead and one of the people in the shadow cast rubbed her crotch on my shoulder. Good times.

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