Warning Shots

That awkward moment when during your time travel adventures you are at some house party in the 70’s, with a lot of drug use and it turns out you are in the Paramount+ miniseries, The Offer. A show about the making The Godfather.

Honestly, being on this felt kind of weird and a bit of a mess. First I did a covid test, then a fitting. Filming got pushed back a couple of days and get called for another fitting, and had to do another covid test. During the second fitting I bumped into a buddy who I met on another show before and told me this was also her second fitting. Then I get messaged to do a third, so I called in said I already done two and was released from the last fitting. My friend later messaged me and said she was released from the show, and I don’t blame her for being mad because it made her miss out on another show she had to reject.

I get there, and as we are being taken to location, turns out the driver dropped us at the wrong place, so we had to get back on the bus. I remember getting to check in I was asked if I was one of the topless girls which I replied “I don’t think so.” It’s my long girly hair. One part which wasn’t used had me and other people hugging each other which felt so nice, because I missed such contact with people all because of covid (It was over a year and a half since the pandemic started by then). Then the one part I saw myself here I’m holding a little mirror sorting out fake coke, and honestly I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

Now the house we were at, the view was really nice, and if I could I would have taken photos of it. But I kind of figure if I was alive then I might not have had fun at such a party, mostly because of the drug use, because like, it goes up your nose. That’s like cringe to me! And then, one of the main actors got covid.

But yeah, I’ve heard from some people it’s pretty lame, while others seem to like it. I don’t care enough to watch, there are parts of that night I rather not remember. But one thing I’m happy about, I think I helped convince one girl to finally get her vaccine, because I saw her months later on another show and told me it was taken care of. But she also said it was mostly because it was becoming required to be vaccinated. I’m still proud of her.

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