We’re Even

Time to reveal yet another show I was on, Good Girls. In fact I was on it twice but the first time I didn’t do anything but sit in holding. This time I was in the backlot, and actually driving around. They needed cars for the scene to look like an actual, at least semi busy city street outside. I remember when I was there, I was told this was the last scene they need to film, and everything was done for the season. I was also told they were never given info if the show will be renewed for another season. I guess after they found out it was canceled. Now originally I thought this was going to be for the last episode but it turned out it was for the one before.

Anyways, my part was just to drive around, and was given a walky talky. Set it down in the car, while my music was also playing high enough to hear but not the drown out the PA letting me know what they needed me to do. Now, do you see me at all? No! See my car? Most likely, no! But you know what, I was still there, and I’m happy I got to do something this time. But the main reason I’m using this frame is it’s the best one to show the street and people walking around the background. And yes that is Breckin Meyer.

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