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Archive for the ‘Interest’ Category

Finally, this first major, crazy event of the year. I’ve been waiting all last year for this, again. So far, I have no idea what the starting points are, but if it’s the same as last year whats on the flyer should still be accurate. If now, I still have the main file so I can edit and reload.

They are kind of behind on posting the event details but I trust they should be up soon. So check back in during the week to see if there are any changes.

And now the year has come to an end. And I take it out by posting what was labeled my most popular posts on instagram for the year, as I have done in previous years.

I would say I’ve been pretty lacking in posting on my page this year, and disappointed in myself for it. Lets hope for next year I’ll do better. And be sure to follow me on instagram for any random photos I post on there.

The year is coming to an end, and soon after it starts, there will be a convention. Yeah, you knew that was coming. I was planning on going to this last year, but got sick and there was no way I would go down feeling like that. I should be good to go this time. And I’m sure it will be fun.

We are about a week away form this. I’ve been waiting so long. And it’s taking part in a number of other cities, starting either saturday, dec 1st, next week, the week after, or the one after that. Be sure to see if your city, or one near you is also taking part.

So I signed up to this site. Been meaning to for a while and kept forgetting. And now it happened. There is plenty to figure out but I will. Pretty much the idea is a person contributes money in what looks like $3 increments at any time you want. Hope this goes well.

My Gf asked if I can post this on my site for her. So I did, because I’m there for my women when ever I can be.

The purpose of the Kickstarter campaign is for funding for highly quality art and quality framing. I also would like to begin creating a mobile and device tracker that focuses on mental health. There are some out there but a lot focus on 2-3 mental health conditions. Ideas I have so far is the device is battery operated to last for about 6 months, automatically syncs, calendar and reminders for appointments and medication, sensitivity to stress, and your heart rate plays a factor. This could possibly be a game changer but really need the funding to begin the process. At the end of the day, I want to help as many people I can especially those with this “invisible illness” and eliminate this stigma.
To support the campaign please visit this link.

If you would like to buy a print: message me at mellyssa.diggs@gmail.com for details.

Well, this is a night I look forward to every year since I started going to 2007. And hopefully this time I remember to change a little setting on my camera so I have better shots while it’s dark.

The convention once known as Comikaze, then Stan Lee’s Comikaze, then the mouthful of a name, Stan Lee’s Los Angles Comic Con, and now just, Los Angles Comic Con is back. Honestly I think they should have just stuck with Comikaze but whatever. Anywho, I’m excited.

Coming again to Pasadena next Sunday. Starting at Big Bang Theory Alley, which I do believe we have run through before.

October is finally here, and that means the start of a crazy month. But first things first, the zombie walk coming up next weekend. I’m hoping it will be bigger and better this time around.