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Top 9 of Instagram of ’19

There are only a few more days left of not only in the year, but of this decade. And as I do every year I am posting my top 9 photos from instagram. I’ve been lagging pretty hard posting on there this year. Part of the reason is because I was busy or couldn’t figure out that to post. Though, the old computer dying also didn’t help either.

But anyways the 20’s are upon us and I have no idea what to look forward to. Part of me is excited but I also have worry of what could happen. I remember learning as a kid about what was known as the roaring 20’s a century ago where there was great economic growth which in the end came crashing hard. I’m not exactly feeling to optimistic, but what ever happens I will keep doing my thing. At least I’ll try.

Tenet 0


Well this movie looks like a total trip. From Christopher Nolan who gave us the Dark Knight trilogy and Inception so you know this is going to be something crazy.

Wonder Woman 1984 0

Wonder Woman 1984

A lot of trailers for good stuff coming out lately. I still remember when I saw the trailer for the first movie I thought to myself “oh please be a good movie.” I was not disappointed. I’m hoping to feel the same way with the newline coming out. I was happy with Aquaman and Shazam, which goes to show DC has learned their lesson when it comes to making movies. Can’t wait.

Crisis On Infinite Earths 0

Crisis On Infinite Earths

Well, another trailer for something i’ve been looking forward to, for a year. Crisis on Infinite Earths started as a short comic series back in the 80’s, because DC needed to do a reboot of the comic universe, and the fact they are pulling it off in a live action show is pretty big. This has been a big year for superheroes. Mostly because of End Game.

Black Widow – Trailer 0

Black Widow – Trailer

I knew this was coming, just, expected a little later. My understanding is the movie takes place after Captain America: Civil War. Looks like it could be a good movie, Marvel hasn’t really disappointed yet.


Santacon LA ’19

The year is slowly coming to an end, and I have one last thing to look forward to before that happens. Santacon. After that for all I care the year can end because I have nothing else that I’m really looking forward to that much. Remember, if you are not around LA, check the Santacon page to see if it’s happening near you, and you can join in there. And remember, it’s not all in the same day is it could be possible to do 2 or 3, depending how close other cities are from you.


Doo Dah Parade ’19

It’s been a long time since I was at the Doo Dah Parade. Ten years ago to be exact, but earlier in the year. It was with SoCal Anon, a group of scientology critics who had a spot in the parade. Scientologists tried to get us kicked out but the officials told them to get lost. We had a good time.

But anywho, Nice little surprise announced since this is related to the Running of the Clowns event from last month. I still have the photos waiting to be edited so once I get my new machine I will finally get to work on them. But for now, get to hold on a little longer.


WeHo Halloween ’19

I’ve been waiting all year for this. Mainly because I knew what I wanted to go as since last year. How I got the idea has to do with my background acting stuff. Which I believe another show I was on might have aired, I’ll check that later. Any who, I am almost ready, I just need to get one more thing and my costume is good to go. To bad this simple thing is hard to find, at a low price.

The Rise of Skywalker 0

The Rise of Skywalker

After so long the final trailer for the last Star Wars movie (at least, from what I know) is out. I’ve been waiting so long for this movie since The Last Jedi. Uhh, Is it Halloween yet? So then I can have Santacon, then this movie come out already? I don’t want to do so much waiting here.