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Or Needed a Hug

Recently a friend shared a post on his facebook page showing album covers of pop artists during the late ’90’s to early ’00’s, like of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and NSync saying “if you listened to these albums as a kid, you’re gay now.” That sure explains a lot about me, being that I didn’t listen to that kind of music, still don’t, and I’m not gay. So because I can I made my own version based more on music I listened to more of during that time.

I happen to have 5 of these CD’s, 6 if the copy of The Black Album from Metallica that was burnt for me all those years ago is valid. And even thought my copy of Smash from Offspring is a burn, I still consider it real because I did have the original CD. It just ironically got smashed.

Streets of Rage 4 0

Streets of Rage 4

As a kid one of my favorite games was Streets of Rage 2 on the Sega Genesis. Though I was more a Nintendo fan boy, while still am, I still enjoyed that game a lot. But over all this genre of game, the Beat ’em up I liked the most of any other at the time. Others like Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, and Alien vs Predator I could also play through. I like the arcade versions of such games most because you could play with a few other people and there was just something so much fun about teaming up and taking on a big bad together. That might be why I enjoy taking on rare mobs and raid bosses on World of Warcraft so much.

Then last year I learned about this game in the works, and recently they announced 4 player co-op and released this video to show what it’s like. I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy this.


Chinese New Year ’20

Continuing on with the tradition that I started in 2006. The first event that I covered with my SLR. I’ll be in chinatown again for the year of the rat. And I plan on getting more video this year.


Linkedin – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder

A friend of mine, Sin twisted made this post on her instagram page. Not sure where it came from so I decided to join the fun and make my own. Then I discovered the origin of this which kind of motivated me more. As for why I picked each image.

  • Linkedin: Because I am very different.
  • Facebook: To showcase what I like to call my joyfully hostile nature.
  • Instagram: Because I post photos I take of others on there.
  • Tinder: Because it makes no sense.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Final Season 0

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Final Season

I know the prequel trilogy has left a bad taste in the mouths of some people, but I still enjoyed it. Mostly for the fight scenes. But something I have talked about and made some suggestions to watch is the Clone Wars series which is really good.

After Disney bought the rights to Star Wars they ended the series and started with a new one, Rebels. I’m almost done with season one, though it’s a little more kid friendly, it’s not bad still. Then during last summer I learned about how there will be a return to Clone Wars to really finish off the show over all, and I’m excited. And I’m hoping it will retain some of the the darker tones as before.


Long Beach Comic Expo ’20

So far this is in the plan for next weekend. My first convention for the year. I’m rather surprised it’s so early into it, and I know they will be competing with another convention that same weekend that’s less then an hour drive away. But if you ask me Long Beach is much easier to get to, mostly because of the metro. I just worry timing could be bad for them still.


Top 9 of Instagram of ’19

There are only a few more days left of not only in the year, but of this decade. And as I do every year I am posting my top 9 photos from instagram. I’ve been lagging pretty hard posting on there this year. Part of the reason is because I was busy or couldn’t figure out that to post. Though, the old computer dying also didn’t help either.

But anyways the 20’s are upon us and I have no idea what to look forward to. Part of me is excited but I also have worry of what could happen. I remember learning as a kid about what was known as the roaring 20’s a century ago where there was great economic growth which in the end came crashing hard. I’m not exactly feeling to optimistic, but what ever happens I will keep doing my thing. At least I’ll try.

Tenet 0


Well this movie looks like a total trip. From Christopher Nolan who gave us the Dark Knight trilogy and Inception so you know this is going to be something crazy.

Wonder Woman 1984 0

Wonder Woman 1984

A lot of trailers for good stuff coming out lately. I still remember when I saw the trailer for the first movie I thought to myself “oh please be a good movie.” I was not disappointed. I’m hoping to feel the same way with the newline coming out. I was happy with Aquaman and Shazam, which goes to show DC has learned their lesson when it comes to making movies. Can’t wait.