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Archive for the ‘Interest’ Category

The parade has returned. Thought I enjoyed up enjoying Resist March much more then I expected, I’ll miss it. But it’s nice to have a parade again.

Back for the second time around, the convention once known as Ninja-Con, Ronin Expo will be in Little Tokyo. I will be there to take photos. Won’t be in cosplay because I just want to focus on photos as of now.

Pride season has started, and that means grand parties thrown all over the place. I look forward to it every year. Mainly I go for the parades, because to me, being in them is the most fun. And after I hang around the area to get more photos of continued wackiness. I’ll be in the Long Beach parade with a group known as Queer Nerd Alliance, in our March of the Nerds. If you have a good cosplay, or something nerdy to wear feel free to join the group. The more, the better.

I got this. For a moment I thought this might be some kind of scam to get info from my blizzard account and as I read on I saw it was for real. So, why not, lets see if I can do some testing. One thing I worry about is, will my computer be able to play? I have all the minimum requirements except for one, and it’s with the video card. Oh boy. I don’t know if that will mean it won’t open, or, if the game will run a bit slow. I have no idea, but lets see what happens. Maybe I’ll also get some video of game play. That is something I’ve been wanting to do but keep forgetting to.

I wonder if this will become an annual thing? As we all know about the shooting that happened in Parkland, and some of the students just won’t shut up about the issue of pushing for sensible gun laws, to prevent some of the wrong people getting them. I mean, really, after Sandy Hook the discussion should have been over. But seems some people rather cry about their gun potentially being taken away, when no one was talking about that, over the lives of others. I’m glad these kids are keeping the issue up, and now there is a massive rally happening world wide. So if you are wondering where the closest location is to you, check here. The one in LA, from the looks of it will be starting at Pershing Square. I will be able to make it, Since I’ll be at Wondercon. But I hope to hear all goes well during that party.

This is coming up next weekend. I am looking forward to it, even thought it’s a rather long ride for me I’m very much feeling game.

I was there as Timmy Turner once again, But only there for one day. I’ll have photos up tomorrow because I as up to other things the second day.

The party is going up, but I won’t be there, because it’s the same weekend as Long Beach Comic Expo. I can only do so much at the same time. But, why not promote this coming on anyways for those who can’t get to Long Beach. Personally I’ve always enjoyed the lion dance.

This is coming up next weekend. I’m actually pretty excited. Will you also be there?

It’s been a long time. Ten years since the first protest of Scientology done by the internet collective known as anonymous. I miss protesting these guys. A lot has chanced since that fateful day, like the fact I got a much better camera. I can’t wait to see my fellow local critics again.