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Archive for the ‘Interest’ Category

I’m pretty excited about this. Really enjoyed myself last year and it’s coming again next week. I wonder if I’ll see that one dude that was on Skin Wars that had the hots for me again?

Coming this weekend. Yeah, I don’t have a lot to post lately, kind of bugs me, but this is coming up. Should be fun, again, and is back win anaheim this year which makes plenty of friends of mine happy, even thought so many of them are much closer to the LA convention center. Sometimes it’s nice to have variety in the places you go.

Yes, I know, it’s set for April Fools Day, but the only reason why is because the event is always on the first saturday of that month, and they are one in the same. Wondercon is also happening the same weekend, so that’s going to be fun. But if you can’t make it to Anaheim and are able to reach downtown LA, go for it.

I hard to look at a page for some mainstream news source without people claiming fake news. It can be a story about something at a zoo, and there will still be people saying fake news. Yeah, I’ve seen that. The type of people saying it are what is expected, hardcore Trump supporter. Yeah, I keep seeing that. And what is one thing they freak out about so much? one of them being abortions of course.

I made a post on my FB page kind of joking about that and had some stranger tried insulting me for it. Good times.

Not sure I’ll be game for this, but took part last year when it was also the bunny hop. Had fun for the short time I was there. All because Wondercon was also going on that day and didn’t want to miss all of it. It’s starting at Clifton’s Republic in Downtown, but not sure if they will be moving anywhere. In case they do, just try to be there when it starts because I don’t know of what else might happen.

Pretty sure I need an updated version, since it’s a month old. But this is what I can find as of now. I’m looking forward to the science one.

I came across this video today, figured i should share it. Though i would like to be a part of the entertainment industry still, because i would like to be a part of some grander thing.

if there are issues watching the video, check it out here.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure i’ll be rather political for awhile, then again I’ve always have been in one way or another. Amazing how one person can’t take there own advice.

Will be happening next weekend. I’ll be there.

The celebrations have started, but the parade is next weekend. Always a colorful event with a lot of stuff happening in the area, like music, stage shows, and people firing confetti all over the place. It’s the year of the Rooster, Alice in Chains did a song about a rooster.

And my god how long have I been so this? Let me check photo library… whoa, 2006. See you there.