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Is going again on September 22nd, next month, which is not to far away. They also asked if I can post a press release for the event on here, which I’m more then glad to do because it’s a good convention and I think it should get more attention.


Saturday September 22nd, 2018
10am – 5pm

*Over 120 Vendors*Celebrity Guests*Cosplay Contests*Nerd Karaoke*
*Nerf Gun Zombie Shoot Out*Photo Rooms*Panels*Live Music*Performances*

*Tickets are on sale now for $18/will go up to $22 at the door*
*Kids under 12 are free with Adult Ticket purchase*

*Celebrity Guests Include*
Gregg Berger – Cartoon Voice Actor
Rikki Simons – Cartoon Voice Actor
Suzie PlaksonStar Trek Actress
Rikishi – WWE Hall of Famer
Christopher Khayman LeePower Rangers Actor
Jack GuzmanPower Rangers Actor
Gigi Edgley – Actress
Eric Bauza – Voice Actor
And More!
All paid ticket holders have free entry to the Nerdbot-Con After-Party!

This will be NERDBOT MEDIA’S 3rd annual NERDBOT-CON at the Pasadena Convention Center.
In 2018, we are going to go bigger and better with more activities, more vendors, more music, more guests, more games, and awesome panels!

NERDBOT-CON is your alternative to huge, faceless and expensive conventions with long lines and enormous crowds that steal your soul (and your wallet!). Our safe and family friendly event is centrally located in the heart of beautiful Pasadena, California.

NERDBOT MEDIA, a leading company in new media and journalism, has been organizing great meet ups, after parties, and night events in the Los Angeles area for the past three years, including the brand-new smash hit anime convention Anime Pasadena.

Our staff has been attending and covering conventions for years now. We think it’s time for something different! NERDBOT-CON is a fun and interactive event for all attendees. Cosplayers, photographers, collectors, and all Nerds and geeks that just want to go out, see their friends, and have an AWESOME time.

Our mission is to bring the very best photographers, videographers, vendors, and entertainment to the beautiful Pasadena Convention Center. It’s going to be an amazing day of interactive giveaways, panels, Cosplay contests and photoshoots.

Our official NERDBOT-CON 2017 Highlight Video is available on YouTube!

The Grand Geek Gathering reviewed NERDBOT-CON 2017 and had an amazing time!

Find NERDBOT all over Social Media:

NERDBOT-CON on Facebook
NERDBOT Media Official Website
NERDBOT Media on Facebook
NERDBOT Media on Twitter
NERDBOT Media on Instagram
NERDBOT Media on YouTube

For inquiries about Nerdbot Media and Nerdbot-Con please contact:

Well, there it is. Can’t wait to see you there.

My girlfriend asked if I can post something for her. I’m kind of in a content drought so I’m glad she sent this to me, so I have something to post about for the day. We are currently living in a dangerous time. There is a disdain for the arts and intellectuals that has been ever growing. To be rid of such things will only go bad for the masses and make them easier to control, entertainment will be mindless and would only exist to glorify figures who only wish to rule. We need to back each other up.

I recently began selling me designs on Society 6. Supporting local artists by supporting, donating, and/or purchasing their work creates a relationship between culture and community. One’s form expression can be another’s inspiration. We’re living in an age age where the arts are in danger of losing funding, so supporting the arts starts with supporting your local artists and writers. So if interested.

It’s been awhile since I was in San Diego. It was when I was there for Pride when I was in the parade with some follow Star Wars fans. Those were some good times. and before that was the last time I was there for Comic Con in 2012. I won’t be there are long as previous years but I’ll cover hopefully enough. Can’t wait to see how next week goes.

Well, this is coming up next weekend. I don’t have much else to say really.

Coming next weekend, a long parade taking up much of hollywood blvd for a long period of time. With dancing, music, and all kinds of craziness that everyone enjoys. Along with the Cultural Village with performances from a number of musical and dance acts. I would say this event is about as wild as pride, so you can’t go wrong in going here.

The parade has returned. Thought I enjoyed up enjoying Resist March much more then I expected, I’ll miss it. But it’s nice to have a parade again.

Back for the second time around, the convention once known as Ninja-Con, Ronin Expo will be in Little Tokyo. I will be there to take photos. Won’t be in cosplay because I just want to focus on photos as of now.

Pride season has started, and that means grand parties thrown all over the place. I look forward to it every year. Mainly I go for the parades, because to me, being in them is the most fun. And after I hang around the area to get more photos of continued wackiness. I’ll be in the Long Beach parade with a group known as Queer Nerd Alliance, in our March of the Nerds. If you have a good cosplay, or something nerdy to wear feel free to join the group. The more, the better.

I got this. For a moment I thought this might be some kind of scam to get info from my blizzard account and as I read on I saw it was for real. So, why not, lets see if I can do some testing. One thing I worry about is, will my computer be able to play? I have all the minimum requirements except for one, and it’s with the video card. Oh boy. I don’t know if that will mean it won’t open, or, if the game will run a bit slow. I have no idea, but lets see what happens. Maybe I’ll also get some video of game play. That is something I’ve been wanting to do but keep forgetting to.

I wonder if this will become an annual thing? As we all know about the shooting that happened in Parkland, and some of the students just won’t shut up about the issue of pushing for sensible gun laws, to prevent some of the wrong people getting them. I mean, really, after Sandy Hook the discussion should have been over. But seems some people rather cry about their gun potentially being taken away, when no one was talking about that, over the lives of others. I’m glad these kids are keeping the issue up, and now there is a massive rally happening world wide. So if you are wondering where the closest location is to you, check here. The one in LA, from the looks of it will be starting at Pershing Square. I will be able to make it, Since I’ll be at Wondercon. But I hope to hear all goes well during that party.