Warcraft – Dwarf Tech Tree

And now for the next part of my series; Warcraft 3, continuing on with the World of Warcraft storyline strategy game style and what I believe each tech tree would look like if each playable race had one. Using the WoW Model Viewer to help crate my concepts. But also some help with the dressing room on Wowhead.

Human | Dwarf | Gnome | Draenei | WorgenOrc | Tauren | Troll | Forsaken | Blood Elf | Goblin
Shield Breaker

For today I will be talking about what I imagine the Dwarf set up would be. Dwarves were introduced in the second game, which was the first one I played in the series. Now the tech tree for the human alliance does have some Dwarves on it, starting off with a ranged unit, the rifleman. They don’t have a tier one unit, and I know there was a plan for a level in The Frozen Throne to have an Axemen unit, but that got scraped. Instead I’m calling this unit the Mountaineer, based on the guards in some dwarven settlements. Next is the Shield Breaker. I saw the name place long ago and really liked it, but it will be mounted on a ram.


Next group is the casters. There are no dwarf casting units in warcraft 3 so we’ll have to make our own, based on class types that can be crated in WoW. Starting with the Priest, a healing class unit a lot like the elven Priest already seen in Warcraft 3. It’s possible the name will change. Next is the Shaman, where shamanism is seen some with dwarf clans. And last, of course temporarily named, Magus. Yeah, I’m not good with coming up with names unless I can get inspired by something really good.


Then there is the worker unit. Each race has some kind of worker whose role is to mine gold, collect lumber, and construct buildings. For the Dwarves I’m calling that unit the Miner.

There are plenty of dwarf siege and flying units in the game so nothing new is needed there. Last are the Hero units. There is already one in game, with the Mountain King, so we need more. The first is the Huntmaster, a combat hero like the Beastmaster, but using ranged attacks. Next is the Lightforger, taking the name from the armor set in WoW, and wearing that same armor. And last the Bishop. The reason I choose a priest like class for a hero unit is because the character Moira Thaurissan, who is very important in game. Also her story is very messed and sounds like it involves stockholm syndrome and possible gaslighting. There might be some gender changing, but the armor shown is what I believe fits.

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