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Archive for August, 2017

While at the shoot out at griffith park. Stinky Pete the Prospector from Toy Story 2. I’m still finding myself disappointed with the tamron lens.

While out on a hike with the girlfriend, I got this quick shot of the location around me. Oh the joy I have from much adventures.

On sunday there was a cosplay shoot out going on at griffith park. I was there shortly and only go ta few shots. I used my tamron lens in hopes things will look fine but think I’m going to give up on it now. I don’t know want to deal with it anymore. I did some fix on this photo, in hopes it can look better. There are a few more photos, but here is this for now, Rocket from Gradians of the Galaxy.

While at Fitexpo saturday, I decided to try thus out. And now, to promote stuff I saw during that. First there was the Bang booth, then Bodybuilder that handed out shirts, bottles, and the hat I’m seen wearing in this video. Sweet Sweat, which is meant to enhance your workout. Vitamin World had some products they where handing out. Nooma, Celsius. And this was what I can remember getting stuff from during FitExpo.

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A little adventure I had on saturday, I didn’t get much in photos, but did get plenty in prizes. I’ll post about that they were in another post, with video. for now, it is getting kind of late, and had quite a weekend, so i’m tired. Also excited about Long Beach Comic Con next week. That should be good.

As for now, miles of beefcakeness.

Coming up next week, I’m actually pretty excited about this, for reasons.

When Kaepernick did his own protest about how black people are wrongfully treated in the US, people complain and tell him to shut up and play. So is that all you care about, with the black community? them playing sports and your team winning? When people do so in the streets, people complain. It’s like you can never win. Yet, some of those same people defend others who have for years talked about committing genocide, and make false claims of their rights being taken away, and being killed off en mass. that’s not happening.

While heading to the Redbull Soapbox Race, and heading to the wrong entrance. I saw this at the chinatown gold line station. Thought it looked neat.

Well, That was a day with far more walking in the heat then I needed. But, all was good. I went to the Griffith to check it out, get there a bit later than I wanted but got some nice photos in. I told everyone I could if you are going there, do not drive, you will not find parking. While talking to one of the workers there she told me the lot was full at 5:30. There was also shuttle buses running from the Vermont/Sunset redline station, but the line was so long, and they kept getting stuck in traffic the only option I had was to hike. I made it there as the eclipse was just reaching it’s peak.

During that time walking up the hill, I was saying in a slightly crazed voice “the eclipse has started” and i got quite a few laughs out of that. As I got closer to the top, I started to say “the eclipse is near it’s peak” then started saying it’s at it’s peak. After I started to say it was ending, then while walking back down the hill, after it was all over I started to say “the eclipse has ended.” A friend there recorded much of that so I’m hoping the video will be online soon.

For now, praise the sun.

Despite how much time I spent trying to get there, I had a good time. It started off taking the gold line to the chinatown station, then walk to the closest entrance to Dodger Stadium, which was gated off. So, I had to walk another mile to reach a different entrance which was in fact open. Then it was a walk to the buses taking everyone to the start off location for the cars. Checked out each booth, took photos, and then went looking for a proper place to take photos. took till a few cars had gone down the hill but I had found something.

The location I found was a place that had some of red bull’s own filming crew, and ended up a good place to see some crashes. Had three happen in front of me. It was also rather close to the end of the track I felt lucky to see most of the cars, and there wasn’t many people in the place I was at. And after a car drove by, there was some shade near I can sit at till I hear the sound of the next one heading down the hill. Kind of a trumpet that was played over the speakers places along the track. After 61 cars, I had a long, yet entertaining day.

As for tomorrow, I’ll be putting my photos from the eclipse up.

And for now, start you engines.