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Archive for October, 2017

I’m about ready, going as Manchester Black. Just need to make my hair purple. Look out for me.

So many photos on my first day there, I’m making to album sets from the day. I meant to get there friday evening but got delayed heading over. Stayed in Little Tokyo and took the metro over. The entire day went well and I enjoyed myself more than I expected, and I knew I was going to enjoy myself.

I’ll be posting the rest of the photos during the week, and Halloween is coming up so I’ll be posting photos from that during the weekend too. I look forward to my busy week, and showing the rest of you my adventures.

So brace yourself for the coming onslaught.

I got to Downtown LA on the night of the first day of LA Comic Con. I got there later then I wanted but I made it there in the next morning. While there I was having in Little Tokyo and there was this situation going on, that was kind of funny, and pathetic.

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Stan Lee’s LA Comiccon is this weekend, and while on the red line I saw this guy playing violin. Well, that’s new to me to see on there. I’m sure I’ll enjoy this weekend.

I said I got some video, and I deliver. Not much really, but just enough to be put on instagram. Anyways, enjoy.

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Well, I would say this went better then last year. There was a good handful of people, but I messed up by not taking the photos are a higher shutter speed. I also get there later then I was going for, for reasons beyond my control, but made it there just before everything started. Well, at least I got something. I had a good time, and did plenty of running myself, because well, have to in order to get some of the shots I want. Also there is some video coming so brace yourself for that.

I hope this will be better next year. and by then, you better run.

As always, I look forward to this every year, and this will be my 10th year. I have no idea what I’ll see, but excited none the less.

The GF brought me to another Harajuku shoot, which was also being merged with another event that same day, in the same location.

So I was able to get some nice variety.

So, she finds something she can climb in, and she does it, because she’s a cat. And a weird one. But my kitty still.

Sometimes while playing Plants vs Zombies, I get ads for, whatever. Maybe about a movie, show, product, or other games. No idea what the hell is going on here.