Anime Expo ’12 – Day 0 + 1

UPDATE: All AX 2012 posts have a link to the same page on my FB page.

So, yes, I was at the convention center some today while also helping a couple of my friends try to figure out the metro rail system for Anime Expo starting tomorrow. Now if you are wondering about the Day 0 deal, it’s the day before the main events starts but people can still come over to pick up their passes so they don’t have to wait in line in the morning as it is warming up. Also by the convention center they are building up for some kind of X-Games event going on. I don’t know, maybe I’ll get more info on that later.


I should get back to sleep soon, got to wake somewhat early. Anywho, got there, got my pass, walked around, took more photos and a bit of video and saw something new that I’m never seen or actually noticed before at Anime Expo. Religious protesters. I’ve seen them at Comic Con when I was there awhile back and they were few. Here there was a bunch of them. Is your life so lame that you actually have to keep track of coming events into the area just to hold your dumbs signs you pull out for every parade that takes place?

Also I was I was planing on taking the this one train back to my place because I wanted to be home at a specific time. Because why not? so as I’m about to hop on the blue line some jerk decides he wants to see if his corpse can stop a train. Well it did and caused delays causing me to miss the train I wanted so I hung for awhile longer and got home later on. Was all good still.

Let see what else comes

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