Back from Chinatown – Chinese New Year

For those of you that are new and checking my site after seeing me roll up and down the street on my rolerblades with my flag on my back welcome. I’m sure it will be only two people looking anyways. first of all I’m not selling anything as some people have asked me while there, but i do have a little store with some shirts I made that might be in bad taste for some people but thats just how I am. I mainly just share my adventures with the people that come by from stills I post, along with post some other strange stuff I make to entertain myself.

Anyways, it is just after 5:30 as of now that I’m posting this. I should be editing photos sometime soon and they should be online tonight or tomorrow so be sure to check in again. Also I have a lot of photos and I’m not sure how many I will post, so brace yourselves.

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