CicLAvia 10.7.12 Photos

So, that was a lot of fun, went down on my blades, took a bunch of photos, talked to people, and got free stuff. For example I got a button and a bag for We Want Streetcar which is a campaign could be the return of street cars here, or at least in Downtown. The guys I saw during the stair claim at the bank tower with the Amazon Coconut Water were there. One of them saw me and remembered my name along with the fact I posted on here that I gave a buddy of mine the bottle that was given to me before, so I didn’t have a chance to try it. So he gave me two of them and I downed one of them right there. I thought it was good. The other one is also now gone. Also got a flyer from a Derby Doll for a coming match, Fight Crew and Varsity Brawlers. I was at a game awhile back, it was a little strange but interesting and I really liked the environment. And I loved the names they have for the teams and the players. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing another game, but I much prefer if it was cheaper and if it would be cool if they would let me bring my camera in because I would get some good shots.

But yes, I had a very long ride I did hitting up all the hubs. here is what it looked like.

Eighteen point six miles… I did well. Didn’t like that it was a little warmer then I expected but I made due.

But next time, I’m wearing shorts.

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