Long Forgotten

I’ve decided upon something. Considering the fact I’m so low on content I’ve changed my mind on that by re-uploading much of my old photos, I have a lot again. A lot has changed since I bought this domain name in [checks notes] 2009? oh my god. I’ve made a very few amount of design changes, and the photo resolution I post in has increased. At first I would resize the photos at 900×600, or 8.3 x 12.5 inches, and upload from there.

Then as screens were getting bigger and it started to became a better idea, I changed the for web resolution to 1080×720, or 10 x 15 inches. Then during last year I decided to up the resolution of the photos I posted, again, to 1512×1008, or 21 x 14 inches. And because I still have so many of my unedited photos (at least those that were recovered) form the last 15+ years, why not post them again? But this time is a far greater resolution, and if needed, also a little clean up.

And what do we have here, a guy that really thought the world was going to end almost 11 years ago. Because he and a bunch of his buddies really believed Harold Camping.

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