No On 8 Rally

So in california a proposition came up about same sex marriage being legal in the state. I’m not gay but if two dudes want to marry each other go for it, I don’t see how its hurting anyone. and they just might hire me to take photos. the prop number was 8, and if it passes same sex couples lose the right to marry.

my town had a large mix of people for and against prop 8, the people voting yes believed they are “protecting marriage” by keeping it traditional. when it in fact has changed a lot thought out history. and to make it worse is many out of state groups helped fund for its passing and pull off many cruel tricks and even used blackmail.

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  1. Kitty Katsurama says:

    I’ve noticed on facebook you end up with a handful of photos like the fail sign one. Always wondered, is it set up by you and the rest of the people rallying (those in the shot anyway) to have the fail sign pointing to it, or are the people getting failed not usually aware of it?

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