Warcraft – Blood Elf Tech Tree

Well that was a while since the last post of my series, Warcraft 3: the silly fan made project of “if the WoW story kept going” but with added tech trees of each playable race if they can put in a strategy game and what I believe it would look like.

Human | Dwarf | Gnome | Draenei | WorgenOrc | Tauren | Troll | Forsaken | Blood Elf | Goblin
Scourge | Legion | Naga | Old GodsPandaren | Tuskarr | Dracthyr
Arcane Guardian

Today we have the Blood Elves. But what’s really cool about this, there isn’t a lot to add since there already a mostly complete tech tree in Warcraft 3. Starting with the combat units, there already is the Swordsman and Archer, but no tier 3. So I’m adding in the Arcane Guardian. First seen as one of the guards in the main Blood Elf city, Silvermoon. I was thinking before something like a Hawkstrider but I felt like that would be too much like the Knight with the Human tech tree.

Next for the casters. All the casters in the Human tech tree are elves, but if you’ve seen my others posts in this series you’ll see how much of that has changed and moved around. Already on hand is the Priest, Sorceress and Spell Breaker, but I believe the Blood Elves need one more so I’m adding, the Warlock. Which don’t worry, name change will happen.

Blood Knight
Demon Hunter

As for the flying and siege units, already in game. And last, hero units. Already in game is the Blood Mage and the Ranger, but I’m also adding the Blood Knight, which is the Blood Elf version of the Paladin, named after the in game class. And last, the Demon Hunter. They will be much like what the Night Elves have, and it’s lore appropriate.

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