SlutWalk LA ’12

Story time. So day started off with me, of course heading over to the event. Got off of the subway, walked down the street, late, and didn’t really notice anyone where I thought they would be at all. Turns out during the day they moved it again. Lame. So I saw some people also heading down with a sign whom I also remember seeing last year when we were in West Hollywood and they told me it was just a little further down the street at this studio right next to the Chick-Fil-A I was at the other day. So everyone was hanging just in the parking lot or inside where there was a guy giving a self-defense demo and soon after we started the walk.

So the walk, we started on Sunset and Highland, walked to La Brea, then up to Hollywood back to Highland and back to where we started. Awesome. People making all kinds of chants, me saying a few strange, yet funny things. Maybe the highlight of that was the little girls along Hollywood also repeating some of the chants. See what we do to todays kids? we corrupt them. So we get back, hang in the parking lot some more and inside was two bands playing. They were alright, but not really to my interest. But over all, it was all good.

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