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LA Org Grand Re-Re-Reopening ’14 Raid photos

Alright, here they are. I got there a little later then I wanted to, some of the same handlers, some new people. When ever I start asking people about the Xenu story I would have scientologists try disrupting me even more. Really, why is it such a bad thing when I ask people of they’ve heard about it? One lady, I just said to her “may I ask you something,” and says to me right away “Only if you want to get punched in the face.” Really? REALLY? They claim we are violent? they claim we are making threats? really? Some people are so dishonest. As I was taking off with two other people and putting stuff in her car we found ourself being followed. The guy was also trying to get photos of the license plates of the car we were jumping in. I started recording the guy and was asking him why he was doing that, and like an idiot, nothing. And I got him to repeat some of the same old CCHR propaganda lines.

Creepy cult is Creepy.


Scientology Protest – New Years Eve Raid ’13

Found out about a party they are throwing, and like an idiot I went down with a dead battery in my camera so I had to take photos with the iPad. Yeah, they came out ok for the most part but they aren’t going to be as good as what you would get from the SLR. Also I pissed this one scientologist off by asking if he knew about the Xenu story and right away said to me “How about you shut up and fuck off!” So I asked him who pissed in his cheerios and that he should learn to calm down because all I asked was if he knew about the story. I also told him it’s not a good idea to threaten or tell me what to do because I would just laugh at him. Poor bastard, cry more. Also I kept asking some other people if they knew about the story and another scientologist kept interrupting me and I kept asking why does he need to do that?

Scientology, so strange and so many secrets.


Hubbard’s 102nd Raid.

So the fat, dead, druggy had his birthday party thrown by his followers at The Shrine again as they do every year. Same small group of us but at least i pissed some Scientoloists off. Got some “fuck you’s” “shut up’s” but sadly no middle fingers. I miss that.

maybe next time

Oklahoma Anon Flag 0

Oklahoma Anon Flag

So one of the Anons in Oklahoma asked me if I can kind of redo the state flag to have the anon logo on it. I figured why not, should be fun. Hope they use it something soon for a raid. Look out scientology.


Anime Expo ’12 – Day 3

The day started off with something really strange happening. as I was walking by the blue line station I hear some guy screaming out “stop!” and I see him grab some guy saying he is making a citizens arrest and calling for the guards at the station to do something about him. I have no idea what happened, figured it was because he might of hit the guy or told something from him and just got on his bike and rode off. So the first guy is yelling out “I don’t feel safe in this area anymore.” “lets all break the law, we should give him a medal.” Turns out it was because the guy was riding his bike on the platform. Yes it is recommended not to do that but most people don’t really care anyways that I’ve found.

Much more hanging around, taking photos, and later that day a friend of mine with me find herself a bit of a stalker, he was walking around her for a while taking photos from different angles so we called one of the staff guys to help us out to cover her and get the guy kicked out if we catch him doing it again with her or anyone else. So remember everyone, AX staff are also there to keep us safe. and later that night there was a rumor a girl was kidnapped but it turned up she went home without telling her friends so all was fine.

so much more crazy.


I see the Occupy Movement is still going

I was walking around Woodland Hills the other day I came to find this put on one of the crosswalk sign lights. I would of liked it if some of the camping sites were still up because I get some good photos out of that and met some interesting people. But I kind of like what’s going on with it now on how they crash speeches and such given be people like Sir Frothsalot like this annoying the supposedly moral right. These same people that believe the only “true” americans are conservative, christian, anti-gay, anti-equal rights, anti-health care, pro-life, and strangely enough pro-war. In my option, I think the people that think like that are the most dangerous to us all.


Scientology CC Gala ’11

So i was heading to the event not sure if anyone would be there. walked around some of the near by streets and ended up finding everyone and made me feel better knowing the party was being crashed. Walked around, had sign, took some photos, same old, same old.

At one intersection i noticed a camera pointing out to the street recording cars as they go into the event which i believe would be used for promotional videos showing how great they are. So to be highly annoying I stood in place to where it was pointing to hold my sign because that would totally be down stat for them.

During that time i had one scientologist try bagging on me from what i was wearing and how long my hair, is so I asked why he cared about that and kept making lame attempts at insulting me. so i told him he was balding and that i can care less on that so why bug me what what i look like? He also said something about another guy there kidnapping a girl which sounds bogus because they are known to make stuff up.

the kicker of it all was when i asked about Jan Eastgate and why she was arrested. He said i was full of crap and lying. to bad it was in the news all over down there. Then i told him it was for the cover up of the sexual assault of a 11 year old girl and started called me a potty mouth and threatened to call the cops on me. I told him to cry more and called him a baby. Idiot, scare tactics don’t work on me.

and last thing to happened (that i missed out on) was one of the protesters was arrested. he was recording something going on and one of the cops pushes him some, other guy, says “fuck you” which might not have been the best thing to say and cop pushes him even harder making it so he could of been hit by a car and gets arrested there.

welcome to the party

Sinister Scientology Tactics 0

Sinister Scientology Tactics

not a video of mine but made by a fellow critic from an incident that happened about 3 years ago here in LA that I want to help share.

and the authors comments from the video page for more information on the matter and everything that went on.

Part 2 of the video, it’s only a minute longer.

On July 12, 2008, a family went to protest the Scientology Organization in Hollywood, CA. In awareness of the cult’s practice of “Fair Game,” they wore masks to protect their identities.

Upon arriving six blocks from the protest area, mother and children were blocked in their automobile by a sleazy looking private investigator who came up inches from the passenger side of the vehicle and took photos of the children.

Later, the family approached the Subway restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. Seeing a “NO ANONYMOUS” sign, they took a step back. Another adult protester attempted to open the door of the Subway restaurant, and was forcibly stopped by a Scientologist handler who pulled the door shut, refusing entry to the children. In the moments afterward, the scientologist used physical force to bar protesters from opening the door. She claimed Subway “Wants the Sign Up,” and that she was simply enforcing it. “Respect the Sign!” she told the young girls outside.

Then she laughed nervously. “I’m not shutting it, I’m just … OPENING it for you!” She then told the young girls that they could come into Subway, but only if they would “TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS.”

Not. Going. To Happen.

These three young ladies know more about the Cult of Scientology than most Scientologists. And after this experience — well, they know even more.

Portions of this video edit have been omitted from public view for brevity and in the event that a criminal complaint is lodged. No sense in tainting potential jurors.

Scientology operatives brought this video out, they begged for it by posting on my channel. You would be wise to avoid my channel.

FOR FUN: Can you spot the TWO uncover OSA Operatives NOT named in this video…. we can.

As Hubbard said, paraphrased: don’t show your whole hand in the game, and we aren’t 😉

Why We Protest


Here is a short of Nichelle Noelle North being whisked by cult security after the incident.


Los Angeles City Counsel meeting where a neighbor complains to the city board about the hell it is living near scientology. Included is part of the “bad people” video An eye opening video.

Scientology ecclesiastical gulag in Hemet, California.

A heartbreaking poem about Scientology’s “disconnection policy.”

The original “Bad People” video where scientology blocks a disabled woman from going to her own home