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Poke Her Face 1

Poke Her Face

alright, this weeks it’s Jenn with

And for some reason unbeknownst to humanity, the falling bucket of flowers said “oh no, not again”.

and yo know i think i made the mistake not typing up the message that was on the can lid, what happened was the mailbox was knocked down and i wanted a short, funny story. my fault.

and now this, meant to post it up before. I was in downtown and a lady gaga concert was about to go on near by. some friends of mine went to this show. alright, now gave me a story to this


The Blood Tears I Cry

alright, so this week I have to pick the new winner, and once again it is Jenn with…

*tour guide* And over here you can see the plumes of smoke of what remains of the Church of Scientology, now that Dan is through with them. Do not provoke his wrath.

now I do not promote vandalism or arson but I very much like the wrath part, it fits me, all will know my rage…

anywho this weeks photo, was in woodland hills a few weeks ago and noticed this, why are they crying? and there is one caption I very much see coming, I just want to know who posts it first.


Over Ruled

alright, this weeks winner is Rose with…

Judges previewing contestants in the MILF 2010 competition.

nerds love MILF’s.

well anywho, being Anime Expo is next week why not use a photo I took during one of them which I did not load up with the rest of the set for some strange reason. Now, what is he objecting to? I’ll be back with the winner in two weeks because I will be gone thursday to sunday and I’ll have a ton of photos.


This is the Beast…

and this is what she did to the last person that messed with me… muahahahaha…

so this weeks winner is Onichi with

It was that faithful day that we all came to find out just how hard headed the mayor actually was, when the crane arm knocked it off him.

now a pic of my other kitty (yes, I have two black cats) what is she thinking?


Caption 3.19.10

this weeks winner is Heather with

And if we just slice this artery here, like so…..it will be a quick and painless death…

penis related things were just to expected, now this weeks


Caption 3.5.10

this weeks winner is Jenn with

You callin’ me YELLA?!

I laughed for a good minute form that, now this weeks photo


Caption 2.20.10

sorry for taking so long for the last caption cut off, was gone most of the week last week and just got back home from hanging with some friends of mine. One of them was having a birthday so it was hang with her time

anywho last weeks winner is Rose with

Slipped-past him like I slipped-outta jail and slipped-outta that paternity suit…

I liked the other two a lot, I really did but that just cracked me up most

here is this weeks photo, my kitty being cute, can you believe she is 13? and still very healthy and active. right now she is sleeping in my lap


Caption 2.5.10

congrats to this weeks winner, Jenn with…

You have a package from PandemicPanicRUs. Sign here.
You: Oh great. More “Avian Influenza”.

to be honest once I saw that I knew that was going to be hard to beat… now in celebration of the super bowl this sunday I will post a photo I took from a game I was at for when I was in journalism.

Caption 1.29.10 2

Caption 1.29.10

this weeks winner is Rose with

“Who’s ready for more fresh stem cells?!”

now for this weeks photo


Caption Contest 1.22.10

I like to thank the everyone that posted for my first one last week, I think it was a nice start. but now I must say the winner is… Onichi with…

“What? You thought the Tin Man was the only one without a heart?”

good job, now here is this weeks photo. I hope to see more posts during the week.