The Party of Trump

It is known for both major political parties their logo is of some kind of animal. The Democratic party uses a donkey. The reason I understand has to do with Jackson who was often called a jackass for his stubbornness. Liked it so much he adopted it into the party logo. As for the Republican party, well, I didn’t know, till just now after looking it up, and I find the story kind of interesting.

But something I’ve noticed in the past few years is a lot of infighting with the republican party, and I started thinking to myself about how I don’t think the party animal shouldn’t be the elephant anymore. This is where I started to say it needs to be changed into some kind of Crocodilia, perhaps an alligator since they do live in the americas, and are mostly in the south as the party tends to be more dominant. But why I think it should be changed to such an animal is because crocodilians seem to mindless attack, and even have a willingness to even eat their own. With the rise of Trump and more infighting happening, this reenforces the idea to me. But it seems there is going to be some kind of split, the new party, the party of Trump should take this as their animal, because I believe it describes them well. Mindless attacking, and eating their own if they have to.

I worry.

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