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It came out today, so I figured why now, I just wanted to play. So far the gameplay runs nicely for me. No real issues as of yet, but when in the main menu area things are a bit choppy.

So far the maps i’ve played a pretty copy paste, but did see what I believe was at least one new difference, and was on the first human level making a change on one of the bandits you fight. Think I should expect more as I play on.

A road trip I was on awhile back. Seen in Texas of all places, no surprise. I’ve always questioned how people can come to believe in such ideas that in my mind doesn’t make any kind of sense. It just seems like an obsession to me that some people believe they need to dedicate their entire lives to a figure that I honestly believe doesn’t exist.

If it makes them happy though, fine, whatever, just don’t cause problems for others.

This morning while on facebook I saw a headline on the top of my feed that I thought was from a hoax site. Then when I got a better look at the name of the site it I realized it wasn’t fake. That is when I learned Kobe Bryant had died, along with a few others in a crash.

Being from LA this is a pretty big deal because he played for the Lakers for a very long time, and helped led them to win the finals for years. Now, I’m not really much of a sports fan, let along for basketball, but you still feel affected. never met the guy, nor been to any Laker games, So I figure I’ll use a photo I got as a game while in Moorpark.

Continuing on with the tradition that I started in 2006. The first event that I covered with my SLR. I’ll be in chinatown again for the year of the rat. And I plan on getting more video this year.

A friend of mine, Sin twisted made this post on her instagram page. Not sure where it came from so I decided to join the fun and make my own. Then I discovered the origin of this which kind of motivated me more. As for why I picked each image.

  • Linkedin: Because I am very different.
  • Facebook: To showcase what I like to call my joyfully hostile nature.
  • Instagram: Because I post photos I take of others on there.
  • Tinder: Because it makes no sense.

I know the prequel trilogy has left a bad taste in the mouths of some people, but I still enjoyed it. Mostly for the fight scenes. But something I have talked about and made some suggestions to watch is the Clone Wars series which is really good.

After Disney bought the rights to Star Wars they ended the series and started with a new one, Rebels. I’m almost done with season one, though it’s a little more kid friendly, it’s not bad still. Then during last summer I learned about how there will be a return to Clone Wars to really finish off the show over all, and I’m excited. And I’m hoping it will retain some of the the darker tones as before.

Something that some friends of mine know, is that my family owns a popcorn store. Gourmet popcorn. It’s something I do when not out taking photos or if I’m not on set for some show. Which, it’s been a little while since the last one I was on. But I’m glad I didn’t get any calls during the holidays because the store was swamped at times and I was there to help as much as I can.

So here I am, promoting my store, because I can. And when you have over 60 flavors like; Kettle, Sea Salt Caramel, Green Apple, Dark Chocolate Pretzel, and Barbecue, not sure you can go wrong. And here are the different sized bags, minus party size which is at least twice the size of extra large.

When you find the tree at your place is developing a very different looking lemon. Not sure it will taste any different anyways, but also sure it will be more annoying to cut up.

Old photo from Moorpark. So I understand the teams to play in the super bowl are set for this year. I didn’t care, and like usual I likely won’t care enough about the game to watch. For anyone else into that, I have no problem with you enjoying it, because there is no rules saying what you can or can like. If it makes you happy, and not causing problems, then it’s all good.

So a buddy of mine that I meet last year when I led the pasadena group made a video fo his adventure from the day. I seen a few times in this, taking photos mostly. Give more an idea of how wild it all is if you missed out so hopefully more people can join in the next year.