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I’m sure you have heard of the Super Bloom right? Well it turns out there was kind of a small one closer to LA. I checked it out shortly and took a handful of photos.

This weekend was a free to play weekend for World of Warcraft. Thought my computer can’t play anymore because the video card isn’t supported, my GF’s computer can play. I asked if I could go on her’s and she let me.

I didn’t play much on my high level characters, but did play on the lower level ones taking advantage of the rest mechanic so I level up faster. I sure did miss this game.

I got this photo before the other two I took of that one butterfly I got on the wall and that flower. This one didn’t look like it was in bad of shape.

It’s been awhile since I saw some butterflies going through my area. I’m guessing that means they are all either to their destination or near. Either way, good luck little guys.

Coming up next week. Been waiting for this, but this month has been going rather slow. Also waiting for another thing happening next week, but before wonder con starts. Yet that’s for me to post after it happens. You’ll see. At least I believe it will be next week.

The little monster was at the vet again, but it was to finish his check up. He was behind on his vaccinations. He didn’t want to come out of the carrier when I opened it up. Then when it was time to head back I put him in front of the carrier and he crawled right in.


Sebastian Bach himself? He doesn’t look like he aged well. Wait, oh, they are talking about the Baroque era music dude, not the guy that was the lead singer of the Heavy Metal band Skidrow.

Yeah, there is some stuff going on till the end of the month with the guy around some places in LA. I found this while in union station.

I’m pretty sure this is going to become a weekly thing. I post a photo of the cool new pokemon I catch from competing research tasks after 7 different days.

This week is the second of the legendary titans. I just have to get the last one now, which is an ice type. Hope I get it next week. Then who knows what.

Which is it you prefer to live on? I’m sure most people know there is a problem with plastic and the fact it takes so long to degrade, and when it does can become more toxic. I remember hearing from some places there are companies working making organic plastics. That would be very helpful.

In the mean time, I guess we are stuff with the process we have for now. But have no problem disposing of what I have in the best way I can.

Remember that butterfly I posted the photo of the other day? this is it again, but before I put it on the flower. This is the wall I saw it land on.

And I guess this is the final trailer for the movie. Rather happy how Captain Marvel came out, but this, this is what I’ve been waiting for most after Infinity War. Because I just want to see how it all finally goes down, and You know that will be an insanely epic battle.

I have a month and a half to wait, andI guess I have to tough it out till then.