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Yeah, it’s a fake trailer that I found, but you know it’s funny, and true. This does show what kind of distress many people put themselves through just to get what ever for cheap on that one day.


I’ve seen a number of different types of ducks. Some with a brown/tan pattern, some orange, or with marks of green a and black, but never a full black duck. neat.


Yes, this is a thing. And to me it makes sense, especially since where they are. You try digging into rock, more so if you are living in a mountain range like that.


Last night I was at the House of Blues on Sunset. It was a friends birthday, she wanted to see a show and I joined in with a couple of handful of other people. I can’t remember the names of everyone that played but the headliner was a Irish style punk band called the The McNaughstys. Another band that played before that I remember was called Dead Avenue, nice little mix of hardcore punk and heavy metal. And another which was an acapella group called Bruin Harmony. We actually had a nice little mosh pit going on while The McNaughstys played, at one point I was pushed into another guy and his beer got on my shirt. Good Times.

After the show I met the bassist and told him, excellent show and then says he remembers me. Confused I asked what he meant and said he noticed me in the pit. I thought he was talking about how he’s seen me at other events around here but we cleared that up. I find it hard to believe I’m that recognizable.

Now, this was the only photo I got of the band as they played, I would of brought my camera in but the lens has to much zoom on it. Can’t be anything over 50mm, unless you are with the venue or one of the bands, even though I just have on my kit lens (till I can get my good lens fixed again). Oh well, I’m glad I got a photo with my crappy phone of what the show looked like. I would see them play again. But hopefully I can bring my camera because I’ve done shows before.


To look forward to. Don’t be a part of the problem, strive to be it. But yeah, that was funny looking for photos to use. Ended up using one of mine from Anime Expo in 2011


Really, I have one that hangs with the dogs and licks their faces, and the other one that likes to sleep on me. Been bored lately and think much is happening. Can’t wait for the month to end because there is one more CicLAvia for the year, Santacon, and, well, I don’t know what else. I’ll figure something out.


As we all know, Bill Cosby is in a bit of a mess right now. With a number of allegations coming out about him, and it seems a friend of mine also wrote about it years before. It’s shocking to so many that a guy others have looked up to for so long could cause some kind of wrong doing with so many people. But to be honest, I never really cared much for Bill Cosby. I’ve never watched his shows, I might of watched one of his movies, though I’ve sure he’s said a thing or two I agree with, he really didn’t mean much to me at all.

What is it that drives such behavior?


Or sometimes both. Playing a game of Hearthstone and we both died, at the same time. It was amazing. With luck I got this screen shot before it completely faded out.


Really, how does this happen? How does he reach these people? Am I missing something here? People are dead because of this man and and I came across a video with her before, Star, saying most people don’t understand him for who he really is. Yeah, isn’t that what most people say about a cult leader?


So this got placed at Union Station a little while ago. I don’t have any shoes worth the job but if I did, well, I don’t see myself buying shoes like that anyways.