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For years, I’ve always heard from people with a more conservative point of view that Obama was going to take their guns. And in his nearly 8 years in office, That’s never happened. So the fear mongering keeps going and now these people claim Hillary is going to do exactly that. Well, for now on, any one that supports Trump, no longer has the right to cry about that.


Funny little photo with a friend going as the Gremlin D.Va from Overwatch. Not sure what the photos she was trying to take was, nor did I notice one was being taken, but I decided to reach over and try to steal some chips, and this is how it came out. Everyone was happy.


Coming this saturday, for just one day. I do believe they are aiming for something slightly crazy so lets see what happens.


I had a good weekend, got lots of nice photos but felt I was kind of lacking on the last day. Not entirely sure why, but I like how they come out. Anyways, the people that pull off this convention also do Long Beach Comic Expo which will be in February. And honestly, I hope they let it be held on the west side of the building. I kind like that side more.

Anyways, this weekend is Nerdbot Con, lets see how that comes out.

Till then, enjoy the show.


I, enjoyed myself there. The morning started off interesting, helping some people get to the con, and seeing a long line for people picking up their passes. That went all over the place, but seemed to of moved pretty fast. I was there both days as Timmy Turner, because I wanted to do something but like every other time, was being lazy, and like each time I’m Timmy, people seem to like me. YAY! Got plenty of nice shots, but found myself talking to a lot of people. That’s something else I also like about these kind of events, you meet all kind of people that have so many similar interests as you, and everyone is cool.

Sometimes, I wish it can go on forever.


I know I told some people photos hold be online by monday, but from the looks of it I’ll start pulling them online by then. I got home pretty late, tired, but feels good still but had a lot of editing to do.


I was there today as Timmy Turner. Because it seems to be my most popular cosplay, and it’s my lazy one because I don’t want to go crazy.


I had someone ask if I can make this drawing into a shirt. I’m sure no one will buy it, but if it does sell, I’ll be happy.


I’ll be in Long Beach that day for the Comic Con. But if you have nothing else going on, be sure to make some time to join in on this. Not sure how many people there will be but hoping at least a few. Now, there will have been an event page sooner, but the guy that created it made it private at first not knowing he can’t make it public later. Well, at least it’s all set, or at least most of it, Now go have some fun.


Now and then when I’m working on something aimed at a general audience, I like to show a preview of the current project, and ask if there is any ideas someone might have or little fixes I should do. Now, I appreciate that people like it, but I also want to improve it. Make sure I don’t miss something I could have done before and only be annoyed with myself for not pulling it off when the chance was there.