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Just a few things about me, what I do and what I hope to bring about.


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My costume for Halloween this year. Can you guess what it is? I’ve been wanting to do this for years, 2010 in fact, and now I have the chance. I can only hope this all goes well.


So this will be happen on the coming weekend. And we all know how much I like conventions. And even better, it’s starting on Halloween. Though I won’t be there on day one, for I will be getting myself ready for the night in West Hollywood. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go see it for yourself anyways.


This went better then we had expected. We had more people join in that what was led to believe. That was rather cool.

We started off at the gold line station in Pasadena and once we were ready we started the run. The civilians, as we call them watched in surprise. those that where fast enough were able to pull out there phones and take video as everything happened. After the mission had ended we had a debriefing at a nearby pub and we were finding posts online very quickly telling others to stay away from Pasadena because there are clowns running amuck.

Oh, the trouble we cause.


I’m sure you all know what I’ll be up to, again. If you have never been, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out at least once.


With the new Warcraft expansion coming out, Blizzard has updated the character models for everyone and is doing a promotion to bring people back in the game by offering 7 days free. (and for European players) Of course I’m going to take advantage of that. I have to say, not sure I’ve ever looked so ferocious. Currently my main is level 73 so lets see how fast I can bring him to level 90. I hope I can do this before time is up.

and remember, you can still donate game time.


During the zombie walk sunday, this happened. Shall be a great battle!


The funny thing is I was wearing pink during the day. The unexpected things you find while at the store.

My cats are adorable, no question about it.


Translation: Running of the Clowns

It kind of hard to find a good photo of mine to use to make a flyer. So I’ll just use the image being used from the event page. The entire idea of this mission is like the running of the bulls over in Spain, but with clowns. Nothing scary like Pennywise from It, something more happy like Cam on Modern Family in his clown outfit.


So… This happened. I’m glad I got to take part of it again after missing out on last year. We started off in north hollywood while the forces gathered, then before 5 we went underground and got on our train. Took it over to highland and walked to vine and back. Not exactly a lot to talk about for the event, it’s really something you have to see for yourself and enjoy. Plenty of people got scared, and I did hear a few screams that were also accompanied with laugher. a few kids did start crying but one thing I found adorable was this one little girl in her stroller (who was a part of the walk) screaming brains. Mainly it was how she was doing it. So good.

this has been a nice and busy month.