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Some squirrels are just as fascinated with certain objects or happening just like us. We just don’t always see it.

Though, I’m pretty sure there shouldn’t be some water coming out of the pipe as work is being done. Supposedly.

So, I fire was getting bit close to me recently. I was at home during the time, and walked out for some reason then looked over to see all this smoke. Luckily it didn’t take to long to deal with.

I knew this day to come. Though I never got to meet him, I saw Stan a few times at conventions I’ve been at. I would have liked to have met him briefly just so I can say I did, but in order to do so, you would have to buy a special ticket at some conventions he would appear at. That’s not money I ever had. I know he left behind a grand legacy and created some of the greatest superheroes we all know of, like Spiderman, the X-Men, and Black Panther. And I always thought it was fun to see him making a cameo in a movie or show. The guy loved his fans, which is what I think is the best part of him.

If only I could have met him, but glad I at least got this photo of him from Comikaze back in 2012. That was also the first time I was at that convention. This is the also first time I’m posting this photo online too. You’ll be missed brother.

There should be something there, Pokemon Go related. Like a stop or a gym. I don’t se why not, since there is road there that puts it in a the shape of a pokeball, so it only makes sense.

I recently got another gift from Blizzard for my use of the Battle.net program on my computer. I get the game, Destiny 2, for free. Because it’s been added to battle.net for a year now. That’s cool. Well, it was announced during Blizzcon last week. But there is a problem, it’s not on mac, which I use. It’s funny because the developer, Bungie, used to only make games for mac. I wonder if it will eventually be on that platform, so I can show them this screen shot and say “hey, I couldn’t claim it because I couldn’t play it.”

My Gf asked if I can post this on my site for her. So I did, because I’m there for my women when ever I can be.

The purpose of the Kickstarter campaign is for funding for highly quality art and quality framing. I also would like to begin creating a mobile and device tracker that focuses on mental health. There are some out there but a lot focus on 2-3 mental health conditions. Ideas I have so far is the device is battery operated to last for about 6 months, automatically syncs, calendar and reminders for appointments and medication, sensitivity to stress, and your heart rate plays a factor. This could possibly be a game changer but really need the funding to begin the process. At the end of the day, I want to help as many people I can especially those with this “invisible illness” and eliminate this stigma.
To support the campaign please visit this link.

If you would like to buy a print: message me at mellyssa.diggs@gmail.com for details.

At long last, all photos are online. Oh my god, finally, after all of that. Wow, that feels so much better. I honestly have no idea what else to say. And now that it’s november, it’s going to be a long month because not a lot happens. But the next thing to look forward to, the last big and awesome thing I get excited for every year, Santacon. Just be sure it’s happening in a city near you. I know it is for me.

And now, the final set to enjoy.

Well, this midterm election didn’t go entirely as I hoped, But it’s an improvement at least. I’m feeling a bit hopeful again. We are going to have some hard times still, but I believe some sense of sanity has been restored.

I took a photo of the back of my iPad to get this. Yeah, I was trying to figure out what to take a photo of my sticker on, and when I saw the name engraved on, I knew that was it.

While at LA Comic Con I ran into a friend, and then we ran into Britney Spears, squared. He had a video idea.