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Day 3 started off with meeting a friends of mine going as Nathan Explosion from Metalocalypse and me as Toki Wartooth. He has been wanting to see me go as Toki for sometime now and I just had the sudden chance to do so. we also took a photo together as that for internet meme reasons, which I’m sure the image will go no where once posted anyways. Got a bunch more photos, some video of some of the more insane religious people protesting being trolled, and video of the Giant Creature. Very cool.

On the last day it started off with seeing a few people with their anti-abortion signs and I was kind of annoyed with that so I decided to troll one of them. No video of that sadly. Then she called me swine, then lied about it saying she was just quoting the bible. Lame. I didn’t spend to much day at the con because I had to leave a bit early and take the train back up, and was delayed by two hours.

And on a further sad note, yesterday I found out a friend of mine was attacked and left bloody saturday night. She is currently in the hospital and slowly recovering but I would like more info if anyone has any reported to the police.

And now, to finish it all off.


My journey started off very early in the morning to San Diego by taking the train. The plan was to make it to Union Station before 8 and I had plenty of time to catch my next ride down to Oceanside. Once there I had to wait about an hour for my last train to the last station in San Diego and after many hours I made it, and saved money because if I rode Amtrak all the way down it would of cost about $50. Met with friends of mine, got my badge and started on my conquest. Like every year I have been there it was rather crowded but I was still about to weave through the masses.

Now it’s time to check out the first half of the insanity.


While in San Diego I found this near the train station. It said phone because I couldn’t tell how to play angry birds on it.

Also don’t worry about the Comic Con photos for now, they will be online later. But for now I’m not sure if I’ll be making one or two separate posts on it.


Here I am as Toki Wartooth from Metalocalypse, with a friend of mine as Nathan and this other person he wanted a silly photo with. I enjoyed it. Tomorrow is the last day and I would be dressed up but some of the marker I drew on my face might be there still.


I was Timmy Turner during the day, a lot of people knew who I was and liked the costume but no one asked for photos. Sad, oh well.


Or, well, I’m here now because comic con is currently happening. I took this photo while on the train because if you ask me it’s really the best way to go unless you have a lot of stuff you are bringing or plan on bringing back. I tend to pack light.


It would be nice if the people in the middle east could get a long, but hey, it’s the middle east, all people over there seem to care about is killing each other.


And how they look adorable doing it.


This link was posted on a group I’m on, and it got good. I would add more to it but the post as deleted before I could get anymore screens shots. But it was all still funny.


Because of all,or at least most of the gamer girls that I know, they like to kick ass.