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I found out about this contest the people from Robot Chicken are doing with KFC last night. Pretty much make your own character, and give your info and if they like it enough they will make a figure, use it on a commercial, and you get a prize. I doubt anything that nice will happen to me, but just to entertain myself why not make it? Really isn’t a lot to choose from, but, oh well, I think the hard part really was coming up with a name. For some reason that’s always difficult for me.


Well some people celebrate National Women’s Equality Day, or National Dog Day, there is another celebration happening on this date for something that takes a lot crap from all of us. It can use some love to.


Yeah, only putting 3 up. I don’t know what happened really, I seemed to of had quite a few people ready to go and most of them just bailed. I thought everything was set up well enough, all the info on where to go was good, or at least I believe it was.

Hopefully next year will be better.


After black tie beach, I headed to Little Tokyo for another event I was invited to by the LA chapter of the USNC for UN Women to help promote gender equality. I was asked to take some photos for, I could of also did video but when I realized that it was at a point I was to late to record some of the speeches. The fact it was still kind of hot, and the amps weren’t very powerful would of also a bit of an issue. Everything came out well, and after people gathered in a bunch of different circles and had further discussion.

Yeah, I would say better then BTB this year.

Sadly, it was rather disappointing this year. I ran into 4 other people. Another person got hold of me later saying he couldn’t find anyone at all, and other person hurt herself before she could even take off. There are a few photos, and I did get this video.


So this can be bought at what ever stores selling halloween stuff now. But when I saw this I knew something was wrong right there. You see, ears on a mammal are not bone, but cartilage. Or at least I believe so on most mammals that have ears that come out. I wonder if the person that designed this knew that? Then again it makes sense because I’m sure many people would be confused looking at a dog skull without the ears and wonder why it looks so unusual.


I see someone that looks familiar, and once I heard his voice saying his wives name, I knew right a way. Thought I admitted to them I vote Obama, because I felt I had to be honest about that. While talking to them they told me they like taking the train because it’s just a lot less stressful, and that they were heading to San Diego to visit their sons and grandkids. I wonder if they planned on taking them to Disneyland to, because Ann was telling me they like to take them there. I’m guessing they enjoy the place which I wouldn’t blame them, it’s nice, and it’s fun. But yes, it was nice talking to them.


Most people in the US should know there will be another election next year, With a bunch of people running for the GOP ticket that I find most of them to be a joke. And other then them there is Clinton and Sanders. But recently there became word of someone new joining the insanity, Deez Nuts. Yes, that really did happen, and I have to say might be the greatest thing that might happen this cycle.


But he didn’t do so directly to me. But, can always make your own.


A friend of mine lost one of her dogs last week. After telling me about what happened I told her about a photo I took of the dog with her niece I want to say, 2 year ago, and sent it to her. My friend was happy to know this photo existed. You’ll be missed Lucky.