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Just a few things about me, what I do and what I hope to bring about.


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I’m watching someones dog for a couple of days. Mine got real excited and kept sniffing it, while cats, despite being about twice the size became very unhappy and started fluffing themselves up.

Don’t worry, only for 2 days.


I’m going to pound on you, and increase my cooking skill.

I’ve been waiting for a good while for this trailer. Now I can sleep, for now, then wait for Star Wars to come out. But before that, Santacon.


I’ve been having a strange sleep schedule lately, need to try fixing it.


Oh Dirty Harry, you silly.


This sounds like something a scientologist would say. In fact, this is a claim made by Hubbard himself in whats known as the Purification Rundown. A guy who, had no real medical training that I know of. When I first heard about this claim I knew it sounded completely bogus because I’ve always known that the purpose of sweating was to help regulate your own body temperature when it’s hot. I had also learned long ago that one of the jobs of the liver is to help clean your body by breaking down such toxins like alcohol, then goes out of your system as waste.

Unfortunately the original image has been shared on Facebook hundreds of thousands of times by people that didn’t check this information over for themselves. I just hope this can get somewhere for those that have been misled.


We all know of this situation going on right now, especially after the attack in Paris. There has been news about a refugee crisis coming out of Syria for awhile, and I learned about it earlier this year after the story of a small kid was washed up on a beach. This is a problem I do believe we are in part the reason of happening. Sadly, there is all kind of fear mongering happening again of people trying to leave their homeland that has been demolished and just want to have a better life else where, to be happy.  [ Read More ]


Once I get up from my chair, he runs up and plops himself down. Little monster.


I’ve seen this guy riding around here and there around Hollywood. Not sure why he has all that stuff on him while riding around on his bike. Oh well, his deal.


My cat, I don’t know why but she is fascinated with the printer when it’s active. Every time she hers it, she’ll run over and just watch. I don’t know what’s with that but it’s cute.