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With Comic Con now over, which, I was I was there for because i would of got a lot of nice photos, but I didn’t, sad. There was of course trailers for movies currently in the works that I would of likely not seen till after I got back home because I would of learned about them then. I’ve been waiting a long time to see a Wonder Woman movie, and now we have one coming out next year. I’m excited, and it looks awesome.


There is a pretty big fire going on outside the north end of the San Fernando Valley. I got this after seeing the new Star Trek movie (which I did enjoy) and makes me sad how I always forget to bring my iPad with me. Because it takes much better photos then my phone. Because bringing an SLR with you when going to see a movie is wrong.


While at Politicon, I saw Sarah Palin, and have said before, though I found her insane, seeing her in person was kind of exciting. While talking to someone from the Cute Fruit Undies Booth, she saw Palin near and asked if I can take a photo of her holding a pair of her underwear with Palin’s face on it with her in the background. Totally into the idea, because it’s funny.

This is part of why politics is fun.


Last year today one of my dogs got attacked by a coyote, and here she is with her brother, and one of the cats that loves her so much.


No, I’m not there this year, but I know plenty of people heading down, as much as I would like to, I’m staying in my area. Other, not as insane things I’m doing. But for those of you there, enjoy yourselves.

I recorded some video for this. I also played some earlier in the day but didn’t get in the final 4. Man, was it hot that day.


Every week she seems to be a new favorite spot to sleep. But whats really funny is sometimes she snores.


So, I went down here for the parade saturday with the Imperial Forces Rainbow Squad. Pretty much star wars fans and cosplayers promoting equality, the LGBT community and enjoying themselves. Left LA pretty early in the morning to get there, took a little while to find where to park, then a long wait for the shuttle bus to the start of the parade route, were one of the last groups to get on the route,all taking so long we finally got on and it as all good. I wore my yoda shirt saying “my finger, pull” and a lot of people liked us. Some of the parade watching come up and asked for photos of everyone in costume. Despite the heat, watching people show them love made them all very happy.

By the time we got we were done with the parade, most of us were tired, some wanted to remain and hang around (like) but those I drive down with wanted to head back. Over all, i enjoyed my day,and got a nice drink from someone promoting something called, Suja. It was also cold so that felt good. I”m glad I got to be in that parade again after all these years of missing out on it. Would do again.

But hopefully next year, I’ll hang around longer.


My cats, really weird, and yet so funny. I’ll be heading down to San Diego in the morning for the Pride Parade. It’s been a along time coming. Was my first parade back in 2008 when I was with SoCal Anon. Can’t wait to join in this again.


Oh yeah, a Golfkon match happened, last weekend? or before? ok, it was before, I remember because that was the last day of Anime Expo and I was at this recording video. It was a good game, not a lot of people but I guess that event tends to be the least popular. Not sure why. Not a lot of photos I felt was worth posting because it’s pretty much the same kind of thing each time.

But this was different, being on the other side of an inflatable pool and I zoomed in all the want to look like I’m inside it.