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Well, That was a day with far more walking in the heat then I needed. But, all was good. I went to the Griffith to check it out, get there a bit later than I wanted but got some nice photos in. I told everyone I could if you are going there, do not drive, you will not find parking. While talking to one of the workers there she told me the lot was full at 5:30. There was also shuttle buses running from the Vermont/Sunset redline station, but the line was so long, and they kept getting stuck in traffic the only option I had was to hike. I made it there as the eclipse was just reaching it’s peak.

During that time walking up the hill, I was saying in a slightly crazed voice “the eclipse has started” and i got quite a few laughs out of that. As I got closer to the top, I started to say “the eclipse is near it’s peak” then started saying it’s at it’s peak. After I started to say it was ending, then while walking back down the hill, after it was all over I started to say “the eclipse has ended.” A friend there recorded much of that so I’m hoping the video will be online soon.

For now, praise the sun.

Despite how much time I spent trying to get there, I had a good time. It started off taking the gold line to the chinatown station, then walk to the closest entrance to Dodger Stadium, which was gated off. So, I had to walk another mile to reach a different entrance which was in fact open. Then it was a walk to the buses taking everyone to the start off location for the cars. Checked out each booth, took photos, and then went looking for a proper place to take photos. took till a few cars had gone down the hill but I had found something.

The location I found was a place that had some of red bull’s own filming crew, and ended up a good place to see some crashes. Had three happen in front of me. It was also rather close to the end of the track I felt lucky to see most of the cars, and there wasn’t many people in the place I was at. And after a car drove by, there was some shade near I can sit at till I hear the sound of the next one heading down the hill. Kind of a trumpet that was played over the speakers places along the track. After 61 cars, I had a long, yet entertaining day.

As for tomorrow, I’ll be putting my photos from the eclipse up.

And for now, start you engines.

Awhile ago before I posted a photo and talked about what I called an urban first. While at the Redbull Soapbox race today, I found myself looking out from Elysian Park and saw this. Always neat to me. I’ll be editing my photos from that tomorrow. I had plenty going this weekend, did way more walking then I needed, and tired, but still really enjoyed myself.

While on youtube today I stumbled across this video. I had some idea of what they would say but there was also somethings new I learned from it. One of those things had to do with words said by the first and only vice president of the confederacy, Alexander H. Stephens. For years I’ve kept hearing people talk about how the Civil War was fought over states rights, yet, I’m not really finding a lot of truth to that.

So, this happened today to Alex Jones, I lol’d. No really, it’s a pretty funny video, first he seems to be picking a fight with a guy flipping him off and rages on him for it. God, what a baby. Then another guy trolls him and tosses coffee in his face. All I could think of when seeing this was how he calls all kind of stories he doesn’t agree with as fake news, make claims of false flag operations, or a hoax. A guy like him needs to be made fun of.

Last video from that convention. Meant to upload a bit sooner but did other things instead. Not to worry, it was all good and fun.

For years I’ve found myself coming upon countless people who have made this claim about others, and not question that thought. Then one day I came across the image on top, and I used that old photos to showcase to those people what they look like. As years go by I’ve always found white supremacists make such a claim about everyone they don’t like, and with the rise of white supremacy once again it’s only going to happen more. And then, a little video came out from VICE, and it only further solidifies my theory.

But, I can only hope those that don’t believe themselves to be racist will see this constant pattern and realize they are idiots.

Got at the Getty years ago. I always thought this area looked nice.

I’ve heard plenty of lies and excuses about the Unite the Right rally a few days ago that doesn’t make sense to me. People wearing trump hats, carrying touches, defending a confederate statue, being cheered on by those who claim to have more a conservative view point. Yet some of the very some people at the really are also chant about how jews won’t replace them, doing nazi salutes, then a guy ramming into anti-nazi protesters, and those very people are now, “leftists?” What is going on here?

This is happening across the continental US next week. so where ever you are, go here, enter your zip code, and find out when it will be at it’s maximum. I won’t be seeing a total fro where i am at, but hope someday I will, but still will enjoy watching it from here.