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WeHo Pride ’21

Late yesterday I caught wind of this coming up this weekend, I sure do miss partying with the gays. With covid restrictions being loosened, numbers of deaths and cases dropping, and people vaccinated is...

The Suicide Squad 0

The Suicide Squad

New trailer came out for this today. This is the official release since it was leaked today, so might as well put it up proper. I liked the first movie likely more than I...


Take a Breather

I was out today, doing, things… And bye where I happen to be around was a patch of lawn in front of someones home full of a bunch of different flowers, calling itself something...


Steal Your Poptarts Too

I made a post on instagram for Juneteenth using a photo from the All Black Lives Matter rally in Hollywood last year. One guy who I believe has lost his mind left a comment...

My First TikTok 0

My First TikTok

Yeah, I know I’ve posted this video on here before from when I uploaded it to instagram. I’ve been on this app for awhile too and had something else in mind for my first...



Long ago, the site newgrounds that, I used to goto a lot, but have been checking again now and then, held a contest to promote the site at your college. And I did so....


Big Dummy

This little monster got skunked. I happen to be home today and was watching a Lucifer on Netflix, he walks up with his eyes semi-closed and does the “I need help” meow. I realized...


Upping the Game

Still playing this water flow game whatever, and they put in a little something to make certain blocks either unmoveable or it only allows water to flow one way, to make things a little...


Improper Disposal

You know, when you are done with those one time use masks, you throw them away. And be sure to cut the straps because it could get stuck on some animal.


Show Your Pride

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a photo of myself, so I decided to take a new one. And because we are in the middle of pride season I decided to wear...