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While Club Cosplay gets itself ready for the final party, I’ll be at santacon for, pretty much the entire day. This year did have a massive amount of suck, much of the time, but knowing this is next week make me all kinds of happy. Then I just have to wait for the year to end.

But if you aren’t around Los Angeles, check to see if your city is also taking part. There, some are already doing so tomorrow so check right now and don’t miss out.


Never had the chance to join in, won a ticket before, but wasn’t available to join in so I gave my it to a friend. And from the looks of it, I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to because I’ll be out all day for Santacon. It’s always been in the plan, and it’s the last event I look forward to most every year. Plus the distance on where Club Cosplay is taking place at is pretty insane for me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want it to go out with a bang.


Along with a Green Arrow at The Perky Nerd, there was also a Black Canary.


At least I believe that’s what he called himself. The guy is going as a mix of Stan Lee and Nick Fury. All involving Fanbase Press who make books that are kind of parody/fan fiction, I don’t know how to explain, but it sounds possibly humorous.


I went to the store to pick some stuff up for the creatures, and of course there are funny shirts you can buy for them.


Another shot from The Perky Nerd. I didn’t get a lot there so I didn’t feel the need for for a small gallery of shots, so, just one at a time. But you all saw Dr. Strange right? I do believe he said that to the one figure in the movie. Yeah, I’m not one to spoil anything for anyone, or at least try not to.


A bit of graffiti I found while waiting for the Metro. Some people have some stills when it comes to such instruments like sharpie.


Today I was at some small comic store in burbank. A friend wanted some others to come down in cosplay and I was going to be Timmy, because I felt lazy as always but couldn’t find my pink shirt. I grabbed my coat and went all black and decided to be Neo from Matrix. Good thing because it also rained. There were a few other people there also dressed up, like this guy going as Green Arrow, who wa also selling pop figurines. It was a nice little place, and I recommend checking it out if you are in the area.


I do remember this kind of talk before the election, and even Trump himself said he will only accept the outcome if he wins. What kind of person says that? I feel bad for the people who voted for him, believe he has them in his best interest when watching his behavior after all this time, and what else I’ve learned about the guy, I really don’t think so. And with the people he is selecting to be in his cabinet this is getting worse then I though. I know he’s talked to Romney, which I really hope that doesn’t happen, because then I will look at that epic meeting we had with sadness.


It’s been getting cold again, and wildlife like this are likely going into hibernation. Not sure how it works with roadrunners really. I’m also pretty bored lately and don’t have anything big coming up till Santacon in a few weeks. I’m excited as always. But int he mean tie it’s about waiting for what else is happening between now and then.