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Just a few things about me, what I do and what I hope to bring about.


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Yeah, I have items I am selling. I should make more, and better stuff.


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There are all kinds of events that go on around LA, and some peak me interest. Check out whats coming up.


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My aunt and uncle have a bunch of cats, and they just got a new play mate. So far the dog just chases them but They’ll get a long soon enough.


It’s kind of like someone saw the goggly eye thing and decided to make the idea more interesting. Though I wonder fi the people that do this kind of thing are so people like me can find,a nd take photos to help spread it around? if that is the prepose then I don’t mind helping out.


Sometimes when in some kind of collectors shore, you find what you don’t expect. Ever.


Yeah, I kind of took awhile to put these up. But they are online now. I was there for a day as black tie Loki. It has been about a year since I was last doing this cosplay and I stopped for the time being because my hair was to long to pull it off anymore. Glad I got to do it again. And I should start crediting those who took the photos, or at least who it came from.

People like Zer0PM, pinklunatik, Fluffy McNutters, Bellzebob, and Tehsigo Eternamente.


Some people have a lot of cats that like to hang out. This one was friendly and liked to be petted.


So I saw this while I was out. Looks like they had some kind of bulldozer to try helping out.


I don’t even know, so don’t even ask. What makes people think this is something they should make? Who buys this?


Not just cause injury or death, but as the image also depicts, decapitation.

She just got this little thing the day I got here to. 3 years old, real sweet, wants your food.


So I am here in Louisiana, and here is near where I dropped off from my bus on my way over in Ruston.

The trip wasn’t exactly eventful. But at one point in El Paso as we were about to take off, but a police dog came in and did some sniffing. It starting barking at a bag and there was a guy that tried to rush out. Poor guy got arrested for carrying what looked like a lot of weed.

Well, let’s see what else happens during this trip.