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Far to often from some people which is why I have trouble trusting some others when they show so much concern for an issue, or try way to hard trying to prove themselves because I feel they have some other kind of sinister intent. I on the other hand let my intent be known, because I don’t care. Much of it being to bring attention to myself… much like yesterday. Yeah, I know, but come on, you got to do what you can to make it. And i’m sure they wouldn’t care because it would of been kind of cross promotion deal anyways.

But over all, the reason hearing these people talk about the issue so much has me worried because I wonder if any of them involve themselves in such acts? There has been a history of those that cry out about gay people that end up being caught with another guy. And those like the church where some of their leaders have been found being involved in pedophila, and I’m not just talking about catholic.


A few days ago Christina Milian posted an announcement on her page about a Block party she is doing at her store she recently opened up. Food, drinks, activities and there was also entertainment. A cat walk, DJ and other performers. I got there and it was a bit smaller then I had expected in some ways, but also more things going on in such a small space but didn’t feel to crowded. I talked to her real shortly and wanted to get a photo with Christina but the poor girl is being pulled all over the place because they were also recording for her reality show.

I left at about 4:30 and though it was nice, I was kind of disappointed about something go feel I was misled on. The announcement did say free food, drinks, activities, but in order to get to the food or drink you have to buy a wrist band. Though you also got you a raffle ticket, but I wasn’t interested in that. I don’t know perhaps Christina or her sister who I also talked will get back to me on that, they should have my info and know how to contact me. And I also hope they like the photos.

And if you happen to be in the area, be sure to check the store out.


I posted this on my Instagram page awhile ago and was hoping this would get some attention from some interesting people. My image got 20 likes and the only comments was a friend trolling me. Bound to happen. Though talking to other people I’ve been told hashtags help but I don’t always know what to use. Oh the dilemma that is trying to get yourself out there.

I heard a guy playing behind me, figured why not.


This time I was in the line. I did take a few photos but not to happy with them. Might of been because we started kind of late in the day. the sun was still out but there was so much shade in some places. then again it this did happen in the middle of summer and it would of been mad hot if we started in the afternoon. Also it was pretty short this year, and made me kind of sad to see it get smaller each time and as much as I and others try promoting it doesn’t seem to help. maybe we will have more luck next year when it is during the spring again.

And now I can say, I walked the line.

Yeah, they usually chase each other around.


I’m guessing since blizzard updated the character models there was a few things that made it unknowing to become odd. Doesn’t cause any issues but kind of funny to see.


She got attacked by a coyote this morning, and this is her after getting back home for the vet.


So yesterday I saw this image on Facebook of Ronald Reagan with added text, and to no surprise knew there would be people commenting in agreement without question. Though, while looking at the “quote” I thought to myself Reagan could not of been stupid enough to say something like this. And as much as I would hate to post a link to CNS, I don’t have a choice because it’s the only place I know of with this video. Basically saying, yes, he was stupid enough to say something like that. Disappointing. Well if old Ronnie knew what the Defining Characteristics Of Fascism were, he might of noticed he was wrong. But I don’t know if he would care, nor do I believe the people that seem to worship him would either.

People are going to believe what they want to and find ways to do so, and that’s kind of a problem because stupidity and fear mongering spread much faster and some people don’t care to do any fact checking. Come on everyone, it’s not that hard.


While trying to figure out what to wear on my plan to goto San Diego Pride, before it was a bust. I felt that I needed a new shirt that showed my support to the community as an ally, but is displays a certain harshness, for the next time I decide to go. What came to mind was spray paint across the front of the shirt, so I made the design in photoshop, got a templet image of a shirt to test out what I wanted and had this in mind. Yeah, it was going to take up a lot of the shirt, but that’s what I wanted. It would be kind of look like a sash.

So then I felt it was ready, put it on my typical site, zazzle, and it looked like this. The image on the shirt takes so little area, I can’t deal with that. One idea I was give was make the image bigger, it was already kind go huge but ok, make it bigger and see if there is any kind of effect. Nope, none what so ever. What can I do? So did not expect this problem.

Asking around if anyone knows any sites that will let post it up allowing the image to take up more space I was informed of custom ink, tested that an this is the biggest I can get. Much better but I still think it’s not enough. I’ll figure something out.