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Last weekend I was at the Doo Dah Parade because I was informed about the group involved with Running of the Clowns will be there as guests for what was basically a, preparade entertainment. I got a bunch of photos form my short time there, But also got this little bit of video. Wish i did more, but fun none the less.

And the rest form that night. I would say this was a good year, Didn’t get there as early as I hoped, which will happen someday. And that would be before the sun totally sets. I can’t remember what happened on why it took so long. Anywho, I was there pretty late too, because by the time I was leaving the street was already being cleaned up.

It was a good, wild night.

Well, another trailer for something i’ve been looking forward to, for a year. Crisis on Infinite Earths started as a short comic series back in the 80’s, because DC needed to do a reboot of the comic universe, and the fact they are pulling it off in a live action show is pretty big. This has been a big year for superheroes. Mostly because of End Game.

I knew this was coming, just, expected a little later. My understanding is the movie takes place after Captain America: Civil War. Looks like it could be a good movie, Marvel hasn’t really disappointed yet.

At long last, after a month of taking these photos they are finally coming online. Its as a good night and not as crowded this year, but I do believe I got more photos this time. I was there as a Tuxedo Cat, which is an idea I had in mind last year before halloween.

The reason has to do with my background acting work, because in September and early October there are calls for people with non-copyright type costumes. I thought to myself, “I’ll go as a Black Cat on set, no wait, Tuxedo Cat.” Then this year I bought all the stuff I need. I’ll likely use that costume again for any show I could be on next year their halloween episode.

But for now, here is what I saw out in the wild.

The year is slowly coming to an end, and I have one last thing to look forward to before that happens. Santacon. After that for all I care the year can end because I have nothing else that I’m really looking forward to that much. Remember, if you are not around LA, check the Santacon page to see if it’s happening near you, and you can join in there. And remember, it’s not all in the same day is it could be possible to do 2 or 3, depending how close other cities are from you.

A friend asked me too do a photoshop for him. And timing worked out since I can actually do something again. The whole idea was to place his, and his girlfriend’s head over the couple, and the loaf of garlic bread over the kid.

When I started editing it I thought to myself “I can’t do this. I need new photos of them, or advanced knowledge of a 3D program.” Turned out he just wanted a simple cut and paste job. But because it’s me I didn’t want it to be too simple. So I did the best I could with what I have, in as little time I did.

English, and Italian. Well, not sure if that’s anything special.

The seconds and last part of the photo set is now online. It was kind of inserting this took place later in the year as usual. Likely the reason it happened was at the time the Zombie Walk happens, LA Comic Con was also that same weekend and it would have created some kind conflict. Well, since LACC will be happening in september next year I don’t think there will be any kind of issue at all.

In the mean time, watch out for the dead.

The dead rise again, to walk the blvd of Hollywood, but not before taking the red line from North Hollywood. Glad I’m able to edit again, I really am. But sadly it seems to be getting smaller and smaller every year. I don’t think I did that good a job promoting it because at the time, didn’t have a machine to work with so it makes it a bit more difficult. hopefully next year won’t be as much a problem. But, at least I still got enough photos to split the album.

Not watch the dead bring out themselves.