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End of an Error

I’ve been waiting for this day to come for just over 4 years. Thought two of the years were relatively good for me for unrelated reasons. After the last election season I kept seeing...


Achievement Unlocked

I remember awhile back talking about making a fun little graphic meant for friends if they do something that I believe should be of recognition. Basically as a way to say, thank you, or...


Lost Top

While at Leo Carrillo I came across this bra that was left behind. I do believe it would be nice of me to find who it belongs to, and it likely won’t be hard....



Something I’ve said in a few posts before about the main trump base is that it’s cult. And as someone that dealt with people in cults, like scientology (mostly) I noticed very interesting match...



During a world quest playing warcraft, I had to compete a task where I had to take down a devilsaur. But before I could do that I needed a small team with me to...



While at the beach there was a lot of pelicans here, but by the time I got so close they were all gone. I don’t get it.


What Did You Say?

This morning I got this message in my facebook spam box. Not sure what they were trying to tell me but I’m not sure if something messed up on my end or if facebook...


Unova Collection Challenge

A new set of challenges came up for pokemon go. This time you have to catch at least one specific pokemon from generation 5. Oddly enough too a little longer to compete then I...


Reaching Out To The Sea

I know, I’ve been sharing a lot of my photos from Leo Carrillo, one at a time. It’s because I really have no content. I haven’t gone out and done anything in so many...

It’s a Revolution! 0

It’s a Revolution!

I’m sure everyone heard the news of what happened in Washington DC today. Holy crap did that cause some stress because I had no idea what was going on. But through out the day...