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So other gathering happened this weekend, and I pretty much just got this one photo. Might I also add it was kind of hot out still, but at least we are no longer in a heat wave.

I’ll be here once again next week. I’ve been looking forward to this too for a while and it seems like it will be bigger this year.

Ever found yourself with a banana so small you had to scour around to figure out what object to place it next to, only to think “sunglasses” and you accidentally create a smiley face?

Who knew you could find a nice location to take photos at a shore like Micheal’s?

I’m not sure what everyone is freaking out about.

Is going again on September 22nd, next month, which is not to far away. They also asked if I can post a press release for the event on here, which I’m more then glad to do because it’s a good convention and I think it should get more attention.


Saturday September 22nd, 2018
10am – 5pm

*Over 120 Vendors*Celebrity Guests*Cosplay Contests*Nerd Karaoke*
*Nerf Gun Zombie Shoot Out*Photo Rooms*Panels*Live Music*Performances*

*Tickets are on sale now for $18/will go up to $22 at the door*
*Kids under 12 are free with Adult Ticket purchase*

*Celebrity Guests Include*
Gregg Berger – Cartoon Voice Actor
Rikki Simons – Cartoon Voice Actor
Suzie PlaksonStar Trek Actress
Rikishi – WWE Hall of Famer
Christopher Khayman LeePower Rangers Actor
Jack GuzmanPower Rangers Actor
Gigi Edgley – Actress
Eric Bauza – Voice Actor
And More!
All paid ticket holders have free entry to the Nerdbot-Con After-Party!

This will be NERDBOT MEDIA’S 3rd annual NERDBOT-CON at the Pasadena Convention Center.
In 2018, we are going to go bigger and better with more activities, more vendors, more music, more guests, more games, and awesome panels!

NERDBOT-CON is your alternative to huge, faceless and expensive conventions with long lines and enormous crowds that steal your soul (and your wallet!). Our safe and family friendly event is centrally located in the heart of beautiful Pasadena, California.

NERDBOT MEDIA, a leading company in new media and journalism, has been organizing great meet ups, after parties, and night events in the Los Angeles area for the past three years, including the brand-new smash hit anime convention Anime Pasadena.

Our staff has been attending and covering conventions for years now. We think it’s time for something different! NERDBOT-CON is a fun and interactive event for all attendees. Cosplayers, photographers, collectors, and all Nerds and geeks that just want to go out, see their friends, and have an AWESOME time.

Our mission is to bring the very best photographers, videographers, vendors, and entertainment to the beautiful Pasadena Convention Center. It’s going to be an amazing day of interactive giveaways, panels, Cosplay contests and photoshoots.

Our official NERDBOT-CON 2017 Highlight Video is available on YouTube!

The Grand Geek Gathering reviewed NERDBOT-CON 2017 and had an amazing time!

Find NERDBOT all over Social Media:

NERDBOT-CON on Facebook
NERDBOT Media Official Website
NERDBOT Media on Facebook
NERDBOT Media on Twitter
NERDBOT Media on Instagram
NERDBOT Media on YouTube

For inquiries about Nerdbot Media and Nerdbot-Con please contact:

Well, there it is. Can’t wait to see you there.

While you are at the park, and there are people tossing a bunch of bread and the birds are really happy.

Occasionally I find myself walking through this one area on certain mornings, and people will dump stuff around, like old TV’s, a couch, or a mattress. It’s an empty lot but this is the strangest thing I’ve seen so far.

Sometimes you came across someone’s postings on Facebook and you just wish there was more choices available because of the shear amount of suck that is their existence.

So as most people know the big news from the other day about Alex Jones, a guy that I found to be complete scum was banned on sites like Youtube, Facebook, and Spotify. And I think Thunderf00t said it best here. I will always consider Alex Jones to be a terrorist.