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Justin Bieber? Wait, that’s a different spelling… [looks up meaning of beber] oh, it’s a spanish word, meaning to drink. UHH!!!

That awkward moment that you find yourself able to time travel, and use that ability to goto the early 70’s and see a Led Zeppelin show. Only to discover you in the background of some TV show called, The Kids Are Alright.

I’m pretty far in the back, wearing a blue jacket and with my long hair still. Oh, I never posted about that, my hair is short again. Was done on the first. I have video of that but will have it up later, I’m pretty lazy about editing it right now.

More from that mini bloom. I’m pretty much looking forward to this weekend, then next week so I can see End Game. And do another thing. I’ll post about that when the timing is appropriate.

So, now I have both versions of this very powerful pokemon. This wasn’t as hard to get as the other form, for some odd reason. But I’m happy none the less.

From the people that brought you NerdBot Con, is Anime Pasadena, back for it’s second year. If it’s anything like it was last year, it’s going to be really good. They might also need to expand it for next year too.

Coming this coming saturday, April 20th.

Well, this was also a long time coming. I’ve known this was in the works, I just wanted to know the name. It is reveled at the end of the trailer, for those of you that haven’t see it yet, and for some strange reason this site was the place you found out.

Now to wait for december.

More from the mini bloom in my area. I’m not sure how much of this exists still, but it was nice to see when I did.

When you are at some store and see this thing, but upside down and not sure whats going on and ask yourself “is that some kind of deformed whale?” Nope, it was a shark upside down, and missing part of it’s tail fin.

Then noticed it’s a bottle holder. Perfect thing for me, if I had a bottle to put it in.

While on the way back from Wondercon on day two, we saw this guy with what looked like a baby animal. Oh, my GF was very happy to see this little guy and hold it for awhile. Because puppies and kittens are the best. More so when they are tired.

So many flowers, in this, mini super bloom, which is what I’m calling that. I’m sure you can see a bunch of flowers still, along with the mass of grass.