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Just a few things about me, what I do and what I hope to bring about.


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I plan on going to my local chinatown next weekend. Should be fun again.


With the Superbowl going on tomorrow, I still have a lot of my old football photos. Honestly, I don’t care much for watching the game, I just don’t. I mean, I enjoyed going to games taking photos, that was awesome, except those times when I saw the ball bouncing told me. That’s when you know panic.


I swear, I’m finding them more and more often every time I’m in hollywood lately. At least they aren’t the aggressive ones.


Not sure whats with him, but he likes taking socks. But when I saw him with it I was like “another, come on, oh, it has a giant hole, you can have it.” tossed it to him and landed on his face like that. Saw that was cool and got him to stay in this position. He then took the sock off him and picked it up as always. Such a happy dog.

I’ve seen some videos from these guys before on their react series, and apparently they have been angering a lot of people lately. Still working on getting more info on this but from what I can tell, they suck. So I’ll just post this video for more info, if it will help.


I know there has to be some of those our there who do such thing. Now, I’m not knocking on Beyonce because there is some stuff of hers I did like. I remember last year hearing about the mess at the Grammy’s where some people said her album should of won over Beck’s. Now, at that time I decided to listen to both albums and I have to say, what Beck did was boring. I don’t understand how any one could of enjoyed that. Personally I thought the only track of any worth was the intro because to me it sounded like a sunrise, then fell to crap right immediately.

The Beyonce album didn’t get me much but I did find two songs on there I kind of liked. Thought I’ve been told to listen to the Sam Smith album to because from what I understand that was pretty good to. Not sure I’ll ever do that chance but oh well.


So it turns out Saturday was free museum day around LA. Where a number of them in the area had free admission and I’m sure many went to take advantage of that by trying to goto as many as positive. I would of liked to but reminded it was happening to late. So, old photo I got at the Getty.


So you can pet me while editing, using facebook or playing warcraft.


For a long time I’ve been looking at my photos and thinking to myself they can be sharper, and I just don’t know why they are? is it the camera? the lens? I don’t know. but as I was looking at some of the settings picture setting in helps it might explain something I it seems I might have it on a wrong setting. I did some test shots and of them I got these two when adjusting sharpness. other then the fact coloration looks different I don’t see anything else. So much to figure out.


Yeah, I went there.