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Just a few things about me, what I do and what I hope to bring about.


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Yeah, I have items I am selling. I should make more, and better stuff.


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There are all kinds of events that go on around LA, and some peak me interest. Check out whats coming up.


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But the first problem is catching it. Also I’m back.


You really want to see something like this when you are going.


Not sure what kind of lizard this is, nor am I sure I’ve seen one of these guys for myself but it was kind of cool. It even changed colors to but I don’t think it’s a Chameleon, and after looking on google real quick I see it is an Anole.

So this happened at the Dallas Greyhound station.


I got to hold one of them to. I might take awhile for me to get the photo.


Another thing that happened before I took off. This girl was holding this sign to help raise money to goto the film festival. I gave her one of my dollar coins then asked me to join her In a photo to put on her Instagram page. Then I asked if she can send it to me to post on here and to help promote to further her quest.


Will be back in about a week, but here is something I saw before I left LA yesterday.


Once again, I’ll post the story later, this weekend and monday have been long and busy days for me, going to sleep.

and my feet hurt so much.


Lots of weird, I’ll post the story when I’m more ready after I got back home from CicLAvia.

but for now, enjoy.