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Tight Space

After I took the other cat to the vet, I grabbed a little bin, put a towel in so she can climb in to help relax her. Well her brother took it over.


Black Lives Matter

This has been a hard year, and this last week has been especially. If only some people would have listened to the Black Lives Matter movement from the start that have been talking about how there needs to be police reform and actual justice for the deaths of unarmed black people. And with the widely seen murder of George Floyd was another major spark. These protests going now, would not be happening, or at least not to this scale if there was police reform, and if the cops involved with his death where arrested and changed there.
I’ve stood by this movement because I understand it’s importance. Black lives do matter because they have been an important part of our country. They helped build it, help create much of our culture, and have always been treated cruelly thought out our history here just for where they have ancestry from. Black people are also capable of great things, like with the Tuskegee Airmen who more than proved themselves when fighting nazis.


Got The Signal?

My cat went to the vet the other day. She had an abscess on the side of her face and was taken care off. Came home with a dish on which she was really unhappy about. I think it gave her mad anxiety.

George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper 0

George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper

Video from Trevor Noah of the The Daily Show, or as it’s been called for the last couple of months, The Daily Social Distancing Show. He brings up good points. Plus, it’s also a good idea to listen to a guy that not only grew up with racism around him, but his existence was once considered a crime.


Did I Stutter?

Seems some people don’t not get it still. Yeah I’m in a content drought right now.


Doing This Right?

A miner in my garrison wasn’t using his pick right. And holding up someone what he’s collected in a way I don’t know how to explain. This lockdown is still getting to me pretty hard.


Still Napping

It’s what they do, all day, and night. Ok, most of the day and night. And both of them are sleeping now so it’s all good.


Sinnoh Throwback Challenge

Finally got this done. Took way longer then it should have for the lamest of reasons. While on one set I couldn’t completely because one of the tasks was to catch a steel type pokemon, and none popped up at all during this whole week. So in order for me to actually find one I had to place a magnetic lure at a pokestop, and it took at least 5 minutes for one to show.

Then to make things more fun, there was a spotlight today of Bronzer, a steel type. Now that was just mean, but at least I was able to finish the last challenge.


Lucario Hat Pikachu

And here I have it, the last special pikachu for the throwback challenge that was set up for this month. As from he tacks to preform during the challenge I’m just over 2/3rd done with them all. I just need to finish one more tack in the group I’m in, but doesn’t seem to be possible to do at all. I have to catch a steel type pokemon. I don’t think I’ve seen one at all for these last few days.


Rayquaza Hat Pikachu

And yet another pikachu with a special hat for the throwback challenge. The final set of them are now active and I’m 1/3rd of the way through I’m kind of proud of my self really. Hopefully I’ll be done by this coming thursday. Which, I’m sure I will be long before then. Wish me luck with not just getting everything done, but maintaining my sanity because I need to go do something.