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Coming up this weekend, and my god I need a new computer badly. I’m hoping it won’t be much longer because this is painful. I’ll be there, so be sure to find us at the NoHo Red Line station this sunday and join in with the walking dead.

Found this guy while at LA Comic Con last weekend. Sometimes video makes more sense, like on this instance. And then the small kids come in. Well, at least they helped made it a little more fun.

New things have been added to Pokémon Go. For their Halloween event, they have the gen 1 starters, and Pikachu in a costume. So far I have the Pikachu one. Three more to go.

Everything else from the rest of this day. I was cosplaying as Timmy Turner during day 2, Mainly because I felt like doing something. And what was funny is I ran into a good handful of Fairly Odd Parent cosplayers too. I did not expect that all to happen in such a short time span.

Was a good day, this was.

I got a lot during day two. I pretty much spend most of my time in the lobby area because the exhibit hall was so crowded. Moving around in there was not easy at all. Considering how big this convention is getting I think next year they might have to take up the entire building.

Part 2 of day 2 is coming soon.

Looks like someone is falling on hard times. Maybe he’s renting out Oscar the Grouch’s place.

Well, this was was definability bigger then last year, and it was only the first day. Nice set of photos so far, and plenty more to come. Also a couple of videos.

As of for now, here is the first set.

Coming next week in Pasadena, Running of the Clowns is back. I honestly don’t know what to say, so best to read up on the event page and the dossier of where we are starting and were we are running through.

Well, I got there friday. I took this photo really late in the day because I realized I didn’t have anything. I’ll be at LA Comic Con all weekend, and hope to see you there.

I’ve been playing games as long as I can remember. When I was really little my family had an old Atari system. Not sure what model, but I know I liked Pacman. Then they got an NES, and became obsessed. Also pretty sure I got it sometime before the SNES was announced, but I didn’t know of it’s existence till after it came out.

Then while still a kid in the 90’s my family got their first computer, which I remember came with a lot of stuff. One game that I remember most is Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire, that I would play on for hours on end. That is if I didn’t feel like playing something more advanced for the time like Duke Nukem 3D or Warcraft 2 (gee, a lot of wikipedia links). Then when I got my G4 Tower I loaded it on there too. Because sometimes you want something different from Warcraft 3 or don’t feel like photoshopping something.

Eventually I lost track of the game, mainly because a compatibility update to it didn’t exist for many years. I mean, had a pretty good iMac that I would play World of Warcraft on (but remember, we are mad at Blizzard right now), or do even more Photoshop, Illustrator, or use something else from Adobe to work with. Or just open up your iPad to play Plants vs Zombies on. Eventually you get bored for the time being and just want a simple game to play in-between. And with luck, I was able to find that one game again from the guy that created it all. Relief. And yes, I won this game of Eight Off.