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Well, I sure as hell had more fun this year. That was all kinds of crazy that would like more chances to see, more often. The costumes, the music, dancing, and everyone just enjoying themselves, being who they are. I got to ride the double decker bus to the start of the parade route, which is always the greatest thing. Walked up and down the route as the event was going on and as the day went on, and the closer we got to Highland, more and more people gathered on the side walks to watch. Some of those a part of the parade danced with those watching, and you know everyone had a good time.

I would also say the parade moves kind of slow at times, because I did see some gaps as it went on during the day. After that was over there was the cultural village, with performers of different groups with music and dancing. Sadly, I wasn’t there for to long, because I had something else to goto that evening, but over all, my day was a blast. Can’t wait for that again.

Now you ready to party?

Well, this was a wild and fun party. I had a lot of fun, saw more of the parade this time but wasn’t at the cultural village as long. I had another event to cover. But over all it was really good and can’t wait to put everything online. Till then, here is a preview.

I like this mouse, because of some of what you can do with it, and it came int he computer, so yay. But the one ting is don’t like is changing batteries. I prefer something that connected by USB but apple doesn’t really make mice like this with a cord, they never did. Oh the simple things, that is, if it is simple.

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Last week I was watching a segment of Samantha Bee’s Show, and they talked about an issue I only just recently heard about before that I didn’t know was still a thing. And on this weeks episode they got a little more into it. Amazing of some of the things not everyone knows about. What bothers me most is the type of people that are against passing the laws to put an end to it all. I just don’t understand.

Every week she likes to find a new favorite place to sleep, and lately it’s been on my desk or my chair, if I’m not in it. She is a funny cat.

Well, today was the longest day ever, literally, because of what today was. Funny how we can always keep track of such a thing.

From on old road trip going through Texas. Some people, really, my god. Strange how often i say that even thought I don’t believe in the existence of any gods. Doesn’t matter, I still say what I want.

While at Target, I see all these carts left around the place not in their designated drop off locations. This is going to suck for who ever had to bring them back in.

From the Getty years ago. Not a lot going on lately.

Coming up next weekend. I first heard about this event two years ago, then went to check again when it was going to happen I saw it had already gone by. But last year my chance came and realized I double booked myself, because politicon was also happening the same weekend. So I saw part of the parade in the morning, went to Pasadena, then back in the evening and took some more photos during a concert. I actually had a good day, but this time, it’s the one event happening for me, till that evening. But, still a nice long day coming for me.

But if anything, at least check out the parade of bands on saturday, since it’s free and should be a lot of fun still. I’m excited.