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They are at it once again.


Well, in what started in Hollywood, I got to Pasadena a bit later then I wanted to. Mainly because I took a couple of wrong turns going to the convention center after getting off the gold line. Well, at least I was there in time to see the Bill Nye panel that I totally wanted to check out because he was one of the coolest people I knew of as a kid. I wanted to get a photo with him but was rushed out. But at least another friend there got to sneak in a selfie.

Wandered around some, took some photos of the art gallery, met with people at their booths, played on a giant game board called, The Road to DC. Rolled a giant di, answer a question, and if you got it right, move another space up. Ate some Trump balls, from is it funny or offensive? And checked out some other stuff before heading back to hollywood to get anything else I could left of the culture fest.

The next day, Got there once again later then I wanted due to unexpected delays. Had a uterus temporally tattooed on me by Lady Parts Justice. I also saw some of Sarah Palin’s speech, though I think she is insane, it was still kind of exciting to see her. The Founding Fathers had a panel, that ended in hilarity, which there is video coming of. Also had Roseanne Walk by me, and got a quick photo in.

I also went to see Vicente Fox, former Mexican president speak. He had a lot to say about Trump, called him ignorant and mentioned how he should not be president because he believes he will have no idea what he is doing. Fox also mentioned that if Trump wants to run for president he should run for other offices first and Fox stated that he was a business man like Trump, but was first in congress, then a governor, and last became president. What he learned from when he was previously, believes it’s what helped him better understand how to run a nation. Realistically, I would say he is right. Al Madrigal was also there with Fox him during that panel to. I got a photo with him. Made me happy because I enjoyed watching him on The Daily Show.

One thing that surprised me was how many election related apps there are. One person I talked to said their is like tinder. Can’t remember who said that so here are the ones I talked to. Election Science… Ok, I can’t find any of my stuff from the others. Crap. Well, I saw the SeePolitical guys again, they are promoting something called a, ballot convention, to help inform people on upcoming measures in the state. No date as of now but aiming for October at LA City Hall. And last, Bloody Marys, who makes underwear with the faces of elected officials who vote against women’s reproductive rights printed on. See for yourself.

It was a good two days, happiness.


My Saturday was a rather mobile day, but I liked it. I got to Hollywood to cover part of what was the LA Cultural Festival. In the morning was the parade, I found myself taking a shuttle bus from Highland to Hollywood and Vermont where the end of the parade was. Not just any bus, but a double decker, and I got to be on the top level. That was my first time doing so, kind of exciting. I was about to see all the floats for the parade. Lot of music, dancing, color, and people just enjoying themselves. Reminded me of pride, but with far more women in the parade, and not as many spectators, which I thought was surprising. At least on the parts of the route that I saw.

After getting what I could from the parade, I headed to Pasadena for Politicon, because I didn’t realize both events are happening on the same day till it was to late. More on that post when it those photos are online. But early in the evening still, I headed back to Hollywood to get anything else I could from the concert happening on Highland that was part of the entire event going till 9. I was still able to get a nice bound of photos there of the performers and the crowd just enjoying themselves.

Would do again, and hopefully I don’t find myself covering another event the same day next year.


I had a long but fun day. It started off in the morning going to the cultural fest, and first taking photos at the parade before it started. I run into a friend that I haven’t seen in a few years so that made me happy. After a while I went to Pasadena for Politicon, saw Bill Nye and wanted a photo with him but he was rushed out. made me sad but a friend right in front of me got to sneak a selfie in. Proud of her. Hung around some more and then Headed back to Hollywood late in the evening to cover the rest of the cultural fest. So much to come, but for now, a preview.


Not sure what this thing is called, but I do know it is used by marshal artists for practice. first time I’ve seen anything like it was from the Jackie Chan movie Rumble in the Bronx. Good Times.


I got a few photos there, but because of how dark it was there was difficultly. I should post the rest eventually. It was nice out, Lady Gaga was there, but took off before I was able to make it. There was also a speech by The Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, it was funny, but also moving.


Every time there is news of something totally messed up that happens, effecting so many people in such a wrong way. Of course you are going to get a response from some people talking about how their, “thoughts are prayers are with you” and over and over they keep saying the same thing. Honestly, I don’t think these people care, that just want to make themselves look sincere, meanwhile their works mean nothing. Eventually their faces start to look very punchable.


On the Friday before the pride parade, the festival in West Hollywood was free to the public. I went down with a couple of friends, though late, we still got to spend some of time there, and still had a bit of fun. really enjoyed that weekend.


Such mush that happened in the last week, and still working on. Any who, unlike last year Politicon will take place in Pasadena, and will be this coming weekend and not in October like last year. I’m sill going to enjoy myself.


Last night a friend had a comedy show at The Virgil, and there was a Price is Right theme going on with it. The crowd really got into the act as if we were on the show itself, but an HBO version because there is swearing and guys being objectified for comedy reasons. It was a lot of fun, I got a name tag, and won a candle and this water gun. Never knew anything like that existed but sure, I’ll play with it some how. I didn’t think I was going to win anything, let along be called up on stage. Sure glad I went out for that last night.