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Just a few things about me, what I do and what I hope to bring about.


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I’ve been meaning to make this post for a few days but kept forgetting about it. Anyways, it is completely optional, I’ll still go out and cover what I can, this will just make it a bit easier with some support. I’m also hoping to do more, so if all goes well who knows where that can take us all.


While in Santa Monica I found these guys, promoting the new movie coming out. Yeah, I’m having my doubts it will be that good. I feel it was made just to satisfy the fans of the game. Ehh, bound to happen.


What does that even mean? Yeah, it looks cool but, come on.


Well that was a rather long, but highly entertaining day. I spend a little too much time trolling some fundies. One guy that was with the group of protesters was kind of chill so I couldn’t be mean to him. I would say this year seemed a bit wilder then last. IF that was a preview for whats to com for LA pride, I’m am more than excited.

Three more weeks, till the next party. Can’t wait.

Not much video because there really wasn’t much I could get. But I’m glad this is up and running now.


The segment of the Expo Line going to Santa Monica opened today, and I rode it. It was of course crowded, and became more so as we traveled west. Got a little video from that, which isn’t very exciting but, should be up soonish anyways.

Got this as Dragcon was closing. As some people know when I see someone with an instrument I like to request Metallica to be played, and Deven Green herself, played it. Such happiness. She also played some Beastie Boys, but sadly didn’t record, because I didn’t think to after she started playing.

A video posted by Dan Cooke (@thesteelshark) on

Both her and her brother. I have really funny cats.


Totally forgot this is coming up sunday. Tends to be a small parade from what I remember being there last year, and not a lot going on along Ocean after it’s over. But worthy of checking out again.


Anyone that’s played World of Warcraft can tell I’m playing as horde here, but there is an Alliance balloon following me around here. Why?