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While heading to a club event last night, I took the metro over. At the North Hollywood station I used to cross the street just to get underground. Now they made its walk way to go under the street so you can reach the platform much faster. This was needed for a long time.


While also being the same day an old cat died. That was harsh. But, the dogs are what is important now, and might need to be groomed again soon. Little balls of fluff.


Hehe, no I won’t. Because you are free… Free falling. And then, kersplat.


Am I cool now? Are people still taking photos of their food and posting them in instagram? well, I haven’t been paying attention anyways.


With the new Warcraft expansion about to come out, there are other events happening in game to get things ready. And then the swarm.

After the shooting at Pulse, a number of cities had their own rallies. This is a bit of video I recorded from LA.


Yeah, I don’t think this will be happening anymore. Just had another friend come dressed up, and ended up meeting with a couple of other friends of mine and we just hung for a little while after. I know there were some other people interested, I just don’t know if they where able to make it. But I at least got a photo of myself to show what I looked like.


That kind of behavior only creates problems for everyone. Such fear becomes anger, hatred, and then suffering (Yeah, I did that, Yoda from episode 1. He’s not wrong).


Looking through old photos and found this from a parade I was at. A photo was needed of some people in it and decided to get some more of it. Always found the whole hydraulics thing kind of cool.


I will never, be tired of showing the world my old girls. I had two black cats growing up, and I held them as they left me, and I will always be glad they were a part of my life. And as I always say, wish o got more photos of them, but I’m glad I got plenty still.