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And the rest of the photos form the day. As mentioned before, I spent my time outside. Not much else to report, other then the fact it was pretty hot out. Still enjoyed myself.

Because the Gas Lamp is always exciting anyways.

This was my first do there. I know, kind late into the weekend. I didn’t exactly get a lot of photos, but is just enough to where I decided to split the album.

I pretty much spent my time outside, since I didn’t have a pass to go in, but there is still a lot going on in the area, including the Gas Lamp.

More to come, so be on the look out.

And with that I finally have all the original pokemon on pokemon go. This took me long enough to do. About a year I believe. Now I just need to get the unarmed version. I got it during Comic Con this weekend during a raid. Good times.

And then there was the last of them. What made Anime Expo this year seemingly different from before was the fact it was unseasonably cool outside. Especially in the morning. The first two days I found myself regretting wearing shorts because of that. And when I was Loki on day 3, it felt kind of nice, till it was about noon. on the last day i was Timmy Turner again, and had pants on.

I spent the day exploring and taking photos, so really not much else to say. But it was still all good.

I’ve been so focused on posting my photos from Anime Expo I forgot this was coming up. In fact it’s starting today. Well, last night really. I’ll be down saturday and sunday. Plus making images without photoshop, because my hard drive is no good is kind of annoying to pull off, but I still have my tricks.

If you want to help make thing easier on me to get my new drive, you can sent to my ko-fi, or cash app my name thesteelshark, or send to my paypal, thesteelshark@gmail.com. I will totally love you for it.

Remember how the other day I talked about how I took part of a pokemon raid during Anime Expo, and won that battle with all those people? Well this was my prize, a shiny. In an odd way I kind of knew this was going to happen. I other news the rest of the AX photos are coming soon.

And now the rest of day 3 photos. There isn’t really anything else to report for the rest of the day apart from what I talked about in the previous post. I wondered around inside, took more photos, laughed at some of the silliness going on and was amazed by many of the cosplays.

The rest of the photos will be up during the week.

Well, this is taking long enough, and there is more to come. So it will be a little while still till everything is online.

As for the day, at least the first half since this part one of that set. Hung outside for a good while getting some shots in what was still a rather cool morning. Took part of a pokemon raid with a bunch of people and won that battle with them. And talked about the earthquake that happened the night before. I was in Little Toyko when in struck.

Got in after a little while, and more to come.

I had a lemon tree at my place, and one day it was discovered there was a small nest in the tree, belonging to a couple hummingbirds. Most of the time I checked them out there was just one, but this instance I saw both of them. Just wish I could pet them but that would freak them out.

Not as many photos from day two, But still plenty. I spent a good part of the day watching the fashion show because my girlfriend was in it. Oh she looked hardcore and all kinds of awesome. I recorded video but it’s kind crappy. It’s not easy holding a camera like that for just over 10 minutes. I need a tripod. And a better zoom lens.

So far I’m feeling good with what went down. Brace for more.