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And I’m sure if anyone see this a meme or two will be made. I seriously doubt it but whatever.

I was meeting with some buddies playing video games, and this was on a projector being played. It was kind of funny.


I’m sure many of you have heard the story. But yeah, I tried drawing him by hand, and then using live trace, then adding the little fixes but I was becoming to annoyed with that so I left it where it was at. Then added the beating it.


I can’t remember what the name of the game being played here was, but it’s kind of an advanced jenga. Takes a lot trying to figure that game out, but it’s a lot of fun still.


So this will be happening in about a week, first time in Pasadena to. Yet strangely enough the photo I’m using is from the valley.


Has left Yellowstone and popped up in my neck of the woods.


So a person I know was planning on going on the show, The Price is Right, and asked me to create a shirt for them to wear on the day they are in the audience. Sure, asked if they had any ideas in mind and they wanted something like the superman logo. I also incorporated the “S” logo used on the show and this was the out came. Sadly, they had to cancel because another person they placed on going with injured themselves and there was no way they can make it.

So now all that is going on is this design is just sitting on my computer for no reason, so I might as well put it up so at least some others can see it.


I was mainly there for the parade, but didn’t plan on being it this one because I didn’t know who was walking it and figured would be there after the step off anyways by about 10 minutes, but ended up be more like 30 or 40 because one segment on track on the blue line was being upgraded. What I did instead was skate up and down the parade route a number of times and just took photos like that.

After the parade was over there were some people having a little parties in their places along the street, much of which was residential. Many people saw me on my blades and thought that was very cool, and when they found me later and mentioned that.

While on my way home I met some people who were at RuPaul’s Dragcon which also happened this weekend. I knew about it before and thought about it, but did’t know what to expect since it was the first one. I was told it was a bit of a mess but still fun. And that there was a lot of good costumes there. So, I think I might consider it for next year, I’m sure it will be all kinds of crazy so let see what happens.

Anywho, LB Pride photos.


It has started. One of the first locations it takes place I believe is in Long Beach. I’ve never been to that pride event but I think that will change soon.


Because, they are playing Bomberman here.