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And here is it finished. The plan was to photoshop Un’s head onto the Grinch’s body, so I first drew him out, traded, modified, placed in the screen shot and did final editing touches. I like it.


So I’m sure most people have been hearing about the movie Sony decided not to release because of possible threats made to movie theaters around the US that might play it. About the assassination of current North Korean leader, Kim Jong Um. I can’t believe how much a baby that guy is. So another friend asked if anyone can do a nice little photoshop of him and I’m starting off with a drawing. Adjustments will be made to better fit the final product but here it is so far.

I’ve always remembered people complaining about how hard these things are to open.


Why doesn’t anyone tell me these things?


Wow what a ride. We started off the day in Hollywood going to Cat & Fiddle, now sadly enough is going to have it’s last day and closing on the 15th. So if possible make a trip over while you can. And it has a nice outdoor eating area to. Right now they are looking for a new location so best of luck to them. The next location we went to was 3Dog Cantina, still in hollywood. It had some nice, big windows that were also open, so you can sit on the ledge just outside and talk to the people sitting right in front.

After hanging there awhile we went to the subway to the next place of interest, Barnsdall Art Park, where we had santa throwing frisbees at each other, and then the snow balls came. There was some other stuff going on there to with some of the santa, but I didn’t check that out since the snowball thing was going on, and I still had some good lighting outside. Next we went to Rockwell nearby. Had photos of myself and a few other people taken in a Photo Booth. Did not see that coming. One of the guys there should be getting them on his phone and putting them online so when I get them I might put them up here.

The last location I was at was The Continental. We were supposed to go to another spot but they wouldn’t allow people e to come in with bags or anything else as the such. Whatever. But before that a bunch of us walked around Pershing Square where many people there all wanted photos of us. Exciting. After many of the santas split off to different bars, I was having some trouble finding anything, and I was tired. I enjoyed my day, starting with the party at 11 and conquering till so late at night. Always a lot of fun.

Now I am ready to say goodbye to this year.


Oh man what a day that was. We invaded a bunch of bars in hollywood and downtown, threw snowballs at each other at a park just on the outskirts of hollywood. I get excited for this every year, and it’s nice to know some of the people every year recognize me, even from how much my hair has changed in length overtime. Photos will be online later, I got home late and want to sleep. But for now here is me in my dark elf get up while on my way over.


I just want to put this idiot on blast. It’s so sad when on Facebook, a page related to a news publication posts a story that goes about the origins of our species, that of others or something related to another scientific find, and you will always have the very religious flood with their own beliefs and complain about always being attacked. Then you have people like this, who decide they need to be racist for no reason what so ever. Is that really the first thing to come to mind? What can you do with such people?


Well, she doesn’t do it as well as Cybil did it, but still a very cute kitty.


hmm, I mean, whats snow?


Come on, I know you got something inside that’s really bad. You can also comment here.