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So, that was an entertaining ride. I started the day picking up something a friend borrowed for a cosplay she had planned on doing for another con at the begging of the year but didn’t fall through. Oh well. It was hot out, so getting inside felt rather nice. And the lines to pick up badges were given a lot of praise because of how fast they went by.

Pretty much one thing that bothered me the entire time was the fact I didn’t see many of my friends there, and not sure why. But on day one I took off a bit early, but during the time there, i got a nice bunch of photos. So behold.

And brace yourself for the rest that are coming.


Yeah, I’m Loki again, I figure why not even though it’s rather hot out, but was nice and cool at night as I was heading back. My poor shoulders though because of my back pack. Oh well, time to sleep to get ready for the last day. And besides, what better way to celebrate the birth of your nation then going to an amine convention. More sores as an american comic book character.


I’m tired, and have a lot to look thought already, here is a preview for now.


With Netflix here… Thought, it’s also kind of funny. Never thought I would see this happen to me. Any who, Anime Expo is starting tomorrow. Lets see how this year goes.

Spoiler alert: I lost, pretty bad. Game is still in the works to, so yeah, demo. Not sure when it will be out.

As of this post video is still uploading.


Yeah, of that rally I was at in West Hollywood, spend most of the time petting dogs. Note to self, no more rallies.

being played on this massive controller. lets see ho this goes.


Well, this exists in West Hollywood.


You know, sometimes it’s nice to goto some events. Though they might be held for promotional reasons, you can sometimes get something out of it. Like when I was at Pride two weeks ago there was a flat for chipotle handing out cards for buy one, get one free. This is how many I got. I used one of them today before I got to a rally in West Hollywood after the Supreme Courts decision on same sex marriage, which is now the law of the land. Some people will keep fighting it because of what they have been wrongfully led to believe about the issue, but that doesn’t matter, because eventually no one will care anymore. Thought there are some people that still have an issue with interracial marriage, they are still a dying breed.

And did I enjoy that burrito. I’ll have my photos from that rally up later, I didn’t take much really, but spent much of my time petting dogs.

I really don’t know.