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Well, I found it, and wasn’t to hard to find either. But it also turns out there was another rally nearby for immigration rights (which is what I thought this was about), so I don’t understand why these people don’t get together to work on what I believe would be similar causes. Anyways, took awhile for them to start moving, I was getting kind go bored with the speeches and it’s harder to take photos when everyone is compacted in such a small area. I understand the plight, and have no problem bringing awareness, I guess it’s just my patents.

But I liked what some people had in mind, Dump Trump.


I’m kind of excited for this, I remember hearing about it last year but ended up forgetting about it soon after, and by the time I find myself reminded it was to late to do anything. But this year should be it, and I’m going to start getting myself ready soonish to join this party. Can’t wait.

Haha, I hate embedding instagram video on here, so much text I have to copy and paste. They should fix that like what youtube and vine did.
Anyways, seen anything like this before? I was hanging with some buddies last night playing some games, good times.

#nintendo #smashbros #rob #wiiu #amiibo #videogame #gaming

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When someone posts an image or article of something that was released some time ago, or an image saying “I still want to think the 90’s where 10 years ago.” Makes me sad knowing how long ago that was. I was just a kid at the time when all this was happening and think to yourself is, how did time go by like this? But what can you do anyways? jump in the fountain of youth?


Awhile ago while experimenting with slow shudder speeds I decided to get this fountain rather late in the evening.


Yes, Olympic & Figueroa, at least that’s where I believe it will be. The only rally I can find for the day is set for that location, so if I turn out to be wrong, opps.


I’ve been seeing stories about this for awhile, and never really noticed a problem. I’ve also seen comments from other people talking about assaulting a transgender person and one involving a cop bragging about it. But as much as some people cry out about one group of people making people feel violated, they completely forget about another that is more likely to.


One of my cats got this guy, and his sister noticed and watched him put it down then start, playing with it. Yeah, I don’t think my cats were trying to kill it.

He got bored then she started chasing it around and it ran itself to this little corner. I wanted to get a photo of one of my cats staring at it but they seemed to of lost interest as it held itself still. When it ran again both gave chase but it got away over all. But over all, I’ve saved many lizards from them and I think it’s been the something with them. When my cats catch something, I think they just want something to play with. I guess the toys I have for them isn’t enough.

Well, I sure to have plenty of movies to look forward too. I always liked the first one, despite the slight cheesiness, but that’s what made it so much fun. Can only hope it will retain that with the new movie.


While I was gone I saw some creatures. A couple of dogs that I later realized I did not take photos of, and this cat that was very sweet and liked being pet. Everyone that knows me knows the happiness I feel for such a thing.