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Forgot to post this before. Oh well, always time later. I was only about to find photos of me as Timmy Turner. If I find any others I’ll post here.


I’ve always liked how Blizzard can reference something in one of their games like World of Warcraft in a humorous fashion. Even something that started as a bad joke.


I didn’t get a chance to get a lot of photos because I also had to goto downtown for something else during the middle of the event. But it was a nice day over all. It was rather cool out at first, a lot of overcast going on and the sun didn’t come out till sometime in the afternoon. Later in the day it came back some and I didn’t think it was all that hot at all during the day, rather surprising for LA, or at least around this time of year.

Oh yes, prizes I picked up on. I got a bottle of something called, Sparkling Ice, type of flavored water, haven’t tried it yet but I do have it still. Coupons to some place called Wahoo’s, and it involves tacos so that’s a good thing to me. I got sticker from a couple of guys from Westssup, and a thing of chapstick from North Hollywood Toyota. Little odd but I’ll take it.

Also to make things better, when I was looking at CicLAvia’s site I saw that there will be 3 more this year.

But before that, lets see what else comes to happen in between.


My Cat decided to hide in some of the brush at my place, and look cute doing it. Something I find strange about this photo is the others I took of her I don’t think look as good, but the difference here and this I took while looking at the screen and not through the view finder. The colors seem to match better and everything. Well, there is always more experimentation to do I say.


Really, I don’t.


The First CicLAvia of the year, and the first one to take place in the valley. I would of posted about this before but, other things going on and wanted to post up first. Oh well, time to to get my blades ready again.


I’ve talked to a few to many people that have talked about the good old days, but the problem is these so called good old day didn’t exactly exist as some people claim they did. I’ve had people talk about the mess going on in Ferguson, and back during the civil rights movement everyone was peaceful and no one was wrongfully attacked by the police. To bad that claim is completely false. Nothing in our culture has changed that much when it comes to behavior, people use tactics of fear and ignorance to push their cause, and for what?

I think the reason why some people talk about how bad things are is because they either want it to be in hopes to bring about some change they favors them, or they have such bad memory the problem of those days don’t seem to exist to them anymore.


Much like the problem Liz Lemon had on 30 Rock… ok, not really but I thought that was funny, and I decided to wear my Green Lantern socks today. I’ve always been a big superhero fun, but my favorite since I was a kid was always Superman. Even then, that doesn’t mean I can’t like other superheroes to.


Last weekend I was sent an invite to this, and with nothing to do I figured why not. At least it will get me out for the day and I can use that time to download some of my stuff again like Warcraft. Photoshop is back on but it was strange putting on, and still kind of strange working it for now but it’s working.

Anywho, this was taking place at Woodly Park, and it was a picnic really. There was also DJ’s playing, some dancing, dogs, and just a general hang out kind of day. It was also the first time this event was held so there are hopes it could happen again but be bigger.

I would like to join in again.


The LA Marathon had just happened this weekend, but before that there were lights set up pointing to the sky for each mile of the route. I was informed the best place to view it was at the Griffith so I went up there. But to do so there was two plans. One driving up, which you would of had the problem of traffic and finding a place to park, and the other being to hike up the hill which will take some time, is up hill, at night, and should be slightly warm still. Turned out the hike was the better idea. For a while I thought I might of been there to late but ended up working out in the end.

Also as you all should know I do have my computer back, but I’m having some other problems and it involves loading photoshop back on. I am using an older version, which I’m fine with and I really don’t want to use Creative Cloud because it’s subscription based. The version I have does what I want still but for some reason won’t install and it seems to have to do with the current OS I have on my computer. I’ll try to figure out a work around.