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Another recovered photo. Now I’m in the early process of renaming photos. This is going to take a long time only because I’m choosing to be lazy on this, and there are tens of thousands of them. If I wasn’t miserable enough as it is.



Another one of my recovered photos. Well, mostly recovered. There are a handful that came back to me with some segments of the photos repeated and the rest down a solid color. This one near the bottom as part of it that looks like it’s from a completely different photo. Now it’s going to bug me trying to find out where from. But I believe it might be from Long Beach near the convention center.


You Lose! Good Day Sir!

Something kind of fun about looking through all these recovered photos is coming across stuff you completely forgot about that was also totally random and slightly funny. Like this that I took at a Chipotle in West Hollywood, just before walking up to the WeHo Halloween Carnival. I thought this was creative.


Wounded Huh?

From the Death Rising event that ended a few days ago in Warcraft. I’m taking a break from sorting photos because there is just so many, and I’m tried of it at the moment. But really, he just looks like he’s sleeping, just like other others. Likely because the sleeping animation is the only thing they had to use for this situation because of how they would get up after patching them up.


At The Polls

Another recovered photo. Taken in Moorpark for my journalism class. I was asked to take photos at a polling place and this was during a primary. But with that said I’m gad this election is over with and after 3 weeks Biden is officially the winner. But we all knew this for 2 weeks already. It’s taken a lot of stress of me but I still worry about possibilities to come. Biden’s win is also among the few good things to happen for me this year, that has made me feel drained and rather depressed. I’m barely holding on but I’ll keep going as long as possible.


Reaching Twilight

One of my recovered photo. I’ve gotten pretty far with my sorting but still thousands more to go. I can see there are plenty lost, and as of now I don’t know the extent but from the looks of it so far most of my work is recovered. I won’t know for sure what is gone till everything is placed in their proper folders and the files are renamed. I’m dreading finding out. But at least this is one of the few good thing to happen for me this year.


It Was, I Guess

While looking thought my old photos as I’m still sorting them into their proper folders I came across this. It’s from a now defunct bank that started to fall all part about a month before I took this photo. In a way the name shown as is would be accurate I guess. I remember seeing ads for them like mad for a long time and branches everywhere then it was just gone.


Pokemon HOME Event

Pretty much, I’ve found myself hardly playing pokemon go much in a while, for about two months really only doing much of the bare minimum of what I need to do for the day. But I like when sets of special tacks pop up because it gives me some interest again. Sometimes I get it done pretty fast others can take my time but at least it helps keep my mind off of things.


Slack Line

I did say sorting my photos again after my drive was recovered will take a few days. I have no idea how far I am but I believe there are tens of thousands more to go, at least. While going through them I found some good old stuff I completely forgot about. Like with this guy, I believe he is known as, Coop. And he kind of looks like the guitarist from the band, Incubus.

I believe the worst part I’m looking forward to is renaming files because the unsorted ones have names like “Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT 2006-01-30 12-52-54 00752360816.” The fact there are dates and times does help out a lot.


Restored Memories

Back on april fools day my external drive fell off my desk, and stopped working soon after. The thing about that drive was it was not only my back up, but it was also the place I had all the unedited versions of my photos from the last 15+ years. So the idea of losing all of that was painful. I knew what I had to do to get my files off but at the time I didn’t have the money. In fact I didn’t for the longest time. But I finally did it, just barely, and it’s all on my new drive. The only difference between this and the other before is the last one was 6 Terabytes while this one is 8.

When I got the drive there was four folders everything was in.

  • “!=Contains bad sectors, and missing folder name and location, but maybe working”
  • “!=Contains bad sectors, and sorted by extension, but maybe working”
  • “!=Missing folder name and location”
  • and “!=Sorted by extension”

I have all the photos in the missing folder name and location sorted, which took all day. Now the hard part is the one sorted by extension because there is easily 10’s of thousands there and I didn’t even know where to start. There are lost files and so far it’s in the very low hundreds. I’m going to hate these next few days.