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One In The Same

This has been a problem of mine during the pandemic, people making claims about wearing a mask and how it shouldn’t be done because “mai freedumb!” No, wearing masks are no fun. In fact I didn’t like doing it much while protesting scientology. But we are in a public health crisis, still, after how many months?

Unfortunately there are people claiming bogus reasons why wearing a mask is a bad idea. Those people need to be made fun of hardcore. But one thing I couldn’t help but to think about for those who keep saying masks don’t work at all very much remind me of those people that tell others that they are too big for condoms. I have one friend that would put one over her arm and say “are you really bigger than this?”

How Humans Are Making Pandemics More Likely 0

How Humans Are Making Pandemics More Likely

Just some Vox video I saw the other day that I believe should be spread, like so many new diseases are. Diseases that I would much prefer not to be to go about as they are these days but what can you do? I honestly wish there can be more videos like this meant to be informative instead of basically being commentary for any kind of political point of view, including that of what fits along with mine.


Look To The Skys

Earlier today while on pokemon go, I noticed this strange shadow moving around right by me. I recently saw something from the in game news about Team Rocket going around with balloons so I zoomed out and saw it floating far above. It was a battle I easily won.


Law And Order

It’s a bizarre thing where you have a person that makes claim to be for a cause, but you know they are lying through their teeth. The same guy that’s bragged about sexual assault, defrauded people, cheats others, and encouraged violence. I recently found myself watching something that was on CNN, 1968 about some of the events of that year. That showed footage of someone running for president that year as a throw party candidate, George Wallace, whose behavior very much reminded me Trump. A subject him and Nixon himself talked about was the restoration of law and Order. Wallace who enraged people basically inciting riots, and Nixon who as we all know committed a crime while in office later on.

Perhaps overcompensation isn’t the best thing.


Completely Miserable

Cat had to go back to the vet the other day. Her abscess came back and this time had a drain put in. she’s been in her dish most of the time during the weekend. What helps is she is capable if eating with it on too which I didn’t expect.


Flying Pikachu

Yet another in-game event is happening in pokemon go, and the new special pikachu has it attacked too balloons. That’s right, I saw something about it in the news page for the game, wasn’t sure what it would look like, but here it is, way more bizarre then I expected, but at the same time kind of cooler.



About three weeks ago I was at a rally to show my support for the Black Lives Matter movement. I was of course worried about contracting the virus But I wanted to be there. The plan about a week later was to get myself tested. That coming friday I got the call to say I was all good. During that call the lady told me I should also be getting a letter and it finally got it. In a weird way to feels so much better to have something I can hold onto confirming everything.

I’m more then willing to go out and protest more, but I don’t want to take my chances. I’m hoping the pandemic will end soon, but I know it won’t. I just need to keep bracing myself for what I believe can go on for most of the year.


Anime Expo Lite

Sometime between during 2005 and 06, I came to learn about the cosplay community. Basically, people that dress up as some fo their favorite characters and goto gathers. Since one of my favorite holidays was halloween, mostly because I liked the idea of dressing up and going out this really interested me because it seemed like a year round thing. Summer 2006, I was talking to a friend about this and she told me about Anime Expo. I asked when it is and said it already past for the year. The next year I was ready for what was my first convention. I didn’t know what to expect, but enjoyed far more then I thought I would.

Fast forward to 2020, covid hits and cancels all kind of events I was looking forward to for the entire year. At least so far up to halloween. But, The people at Anime Expo decided to hold something anyways that we can view online. Not all heroes wear capes.


Open Trails?

As things are slowly opening up, but I think it’s still a bit early knowing some people did not follow stay at home orders and allowed covid to spread because of their carelessness. Honestly, I don’t think going on hikes is too bad an idea, depending on where you are going. I mean, you aren’t encountering a mass of people.


Needs Context

I recently came across those photos of some old dude getting beat up. I immediately knew there was more to this then what we are seeing, and with the help of others online, before I can even decide to look, I was provided. I love it when all the work is done for me. But this is the wild part, no matter how solid the evidence is, you will have those who will make any kind of outright lie. Where are these people coming from?