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My GF got herself one of these for experimentation reasons, So I got this one photo with it. Still a lot for me to test with it. Still neat. And King Kong is now upside down.

Some shots I got of my woman. Pretty sure Au means gold.

So there was another gathering the other day, but this time in a different location in Little Tokyo. All i really did there was hang around, but did get this group photo, because I can.

Only right to use a line from he movie, Bowfinger for this little piece I found in the Art’s District.

While out today in the arts district, I found a group of people with a guide explaining much of the work that was make around the area. Didn’t know this was a thing.

The second trailer. I’m so excited for this movie, and it just looks more insane. And it’s just over a month away, uhh, can’t it be April 27 already?

I wonder if this will become an annual thing? As we all know about the shooting that happened in Parkland, and some of the students just won’t shut up about the issue of pushing for sensible gun laws, to prevent some of the wrong people getting them. I mean, really, after Sandy Hook the discussion should have been over. But seems some people rather cry about their gun potentially being taken away, when no one was talking about that, over the lives of others. I’m glad these kids are keeping the issue up, and now there is a massive rally happening world wide. So if you are wondering where the closest location is to you, check here. The one in LA, from the looks of it will be starting at Pershing Square. I will be able to make it, Since I’ll be at Wondercon. But I hope to hear all goes well during that party.

This is coming up next weekend. I am looking forward to it, even thought it’s a rather long ride for me I’m very much feeling game.

I should do that more myself. Also, sometimes photos in some places are a bit difficult because of lighting. Either will be to dark or too bright, so you got to adjust just right.

I’m pretty sure i’ve seen something like this before, but can’t remember where.