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I’m back from that party tonight. And as always I enjoyed it. The last place I was at was Rage in West Hollywood, and decided to do some quick video of santas on the dance floor. Photos should be coming online soon, and I got plenty of them.

But for now, enjoy this little show.

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I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, and it has finally come. The starting location has been revealed to be in Los Feliz, at the Rockwell, on Vermont. I’ll be there in my dark elf outfit once again, because it works for me.

From what I understand, this is also going to be the last one. No idea why that was said, and sad about that because the chance I had to join was a lot of fun. Lets see how this all goes.

I often forget that still have so many photos from games I’ve covered. I miss that kind of thing.

Not sure how good that chain is keeping it locked up. Well, I just hope no one stole it. I also doubt it was stolen too.

So this election is coming up on that state, and it really should be a no brainier who the better person to take the seat should be but, this is the south. Where they seem to prefer a person that has been accused of some kind of sex related crimes towards underage girls, over another person who got white suprematists convicted for murdering underage girls. It’s like a new level of baffling.

It seems to some people, party is more important then country, or humanity.

You know, I remember reading Moby Dick as a kid, to bad don’t remember most of it.

Coming up next week here in the LA area, and in many other cities. I know there are some others that are doing theirs today, so hopefully you didn’t miss out on that. And here are more doing so later on this month so be sure to check the list, and party on. For me, all I can do is wait a little more, and the dark elf will be back in action.

While putting something together my cat decided to lay down on the instructions. Only she…

When you are dressed up to to a strange performance at an event with a lot of people watching and you are pound of yourself. I would be do.