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Well, Was a pretty small con, and the fact another going on in Pomona, that was more well known likely didn’t help. I saw much of the cosplay contest, and there was plenty of good costumes out. And it seems it wasn’t just first place getting cash prizes. On day 2 there was a fashion show, and found some people that I know who were involved with it. Well, hopefully if they do it again next year it will have more stuff. I was there as Neo from The Matrix.

Now to promote some people. Ran into some people promoting a movie that should be coming out this year, Zombiecon. Got a small container of smile I got to make form Mad Science of LA. Some app called, Concon, which is to help you find out about coming conventions. And pages of cosplayers, prop makers, and other stuff. 562comics Sarah Storm Cosplay, Ireland Reid,
Wonder Woman Is real, Camislyce Cosplay, The Props Shop, Eastside Photography, and last, Nerdtabulous.

I’ll start loading photos up during the day.


Well, we all saw the disaster that was our last election, and there will be plenty of people fighting back, lets just hope they will be smarter about it, and more honest then the tea party was. There will also be a women’s march in DC, which there will be no way i can make that, but seems there will be a sister rally in LA.

Other then that, I’m back home form the first day of Comic Excitement. wasn’t bad, kind of small but room to grow. Another update for that will be up tomorrow.


It’s Friday the 13th. The day of bad luck for all, but I got a little protection for myself. The poltergeists of my old black cats, as they protect me every time.

Saw a nice presentation of the new system coming out in 2 months. Wish I can link to the whole thing but yeah, not happening. So here is a new Mario game which looks awesome.


During New Years in downtown. The fountain in grand park looked pretty cool in this. There were also people playing around in it, as always. I won’t because, cold. And didn’t ant to get my feet wet.


my god, I didn’t know I had some of these wonderful things at my place. Always so grand this time of year. To bad half the package was eaten by the time i found it, but here, I got some.


Well, that was wild. We did something new this time, all starting off at Union Station and going in waves. It takes an hour to reach Santa Monica from the starting point, and we hung out at Tongva Park. Then the after party at Del Frisco’s Grille and Ma’Kai Restaurant and Lounge. Two location there were rather close to each other. One area at Ma’Kai’s some people where dancing around doing some other wild stuff themselves. Later in the night a small group of us decide to head towards the beach since we were so close to it. A few people went into the water, which I believe was a bad idea since our water is always cold, and it’s winter here so, nope, not happening on my part. After hanging for a while there, I headed out.

I would say was a good no pants, but one thing i was bothered about was some people not being very discreet about it and bringing music to play while on the trains. Come on, follow the rules of the metro, and do bug the civilians. That’s what the after party is for.

Still, really good start for the year. Can only hope the rest can go as well or better.


I’m back from quite an insane day, more so than I expected. Took awhile to get to santa monica and have our group shoot, but it happened. Then that after party. Holy crap. I’ll start editing photos during the day, but here is a photo from a buddy with me in it.


This well be coming up next week. I found out about it from a friend asking if I was going. I was worried it would be on the same weekend of No Pants, which is tomorrow, so that makes it a lot better they are not happening at the same time.

Not entirely sure what will be going on, but I like the whole top prize winnings, which I know I won’t get, but doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t try. I’m also hoping it will be slightly crazy like many cons are because that’s where much of the fun comes from. And will all take place in the LA Convention Center. first time i’ll be in the building so easier into the year.


Well, I just came across this video, and I have got to say, what in the hell? Bow down? Revenge? Universe? Makes me wonder what all his supporters have to say about this. Because to me it seems like these people want to be ruled over.

But what was really interesting is when I was looking for photos of her to use, I couldn’t help but to notice how much she was trying to show off her boobs in many photos. I feel slightly dirty for saying this but they are nice.