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Last month there were fires all over the state. Well, in some parts. There was also a small one near my place that got took out kind quickly, but the damage is still there. I finally had a chance to check it out recently and got this quick shot.

An old video of mine that I do believe I loaded on youtube years ago, back when the cats were still just babies. I figured because of how short the video is it would be instagramable. Cats are funny creatures after all. I might also load other, older short videos on there too.

This came to a surprise to me when I caught it. It’s going to take a while for it to be at it’s fullest power, mainly because this is a semi-rare pokemon. But it will be worth the wait.

My cat, every time, he steals my spot, even right after I get up. SO to bug him I put my iPad on him. Still didn’t care.

Since generation 5 pokemon are on go now, I’ve been catching plenty of good stuff. And now the first legendary from the games is here. A steel and fighting type. Caught this last night during raid hour. It was all I wanted for now. But as always, gotta catch em all!

It wasn’t long after halloween that I started seeing some christmas decorations starting to go up. It’s not even thanksgiving yet. Well I guess some people can’t hold in their holiday joy for long. especially when you got it before halloween. Or had it for years before.

Well, this looks better then the trailer that was released much earlier this year. I do have to admit the design Sonic had before did weird me out some. I not entirely sure I’ll be seeing this movie, at least not in theaters, and Jim Carry looked like he could be the only redeeming factor. But not it looks like the movie has been more improved from what we got to see before.

Time will only tell.

So that post I made about how I was on the show, Stumptown, and couldn’t get a screen shot from the site because of some coding that prevented that? I got it. Took long enough.

Also a funny thing that happened that day when I was at hair and makeup. The guy checking on my hair asked, “Did you straighten your hair before getting here?” Then realized that was it’s natural state. I also showed a photo of me with long hair.

Awhile back one of my dogs got pretty sick, but he is better now, and to help keep him around and happy, I have to give him some medication. Not much a problem, so how i do it is wrap it in some lunch meat, and he takes it all down. But of course his sister wants in on it, because, dogs. Then one of the cats realized what was going on and well, cats.

That awkward moment I decided to goto Portland, for some reason, and see a FionaX show and some how found myself in an episode of the show, Stumptown. I was on set for it. I was a pretty long day, but still enjoyed myself. One thing kind of funny was the guy getting my hair ready asked if I straightened my hair before I got there and realized that was my hair in it’s natural state.

Anyways, I’m seen in this clip between 0:18 and 0:20, behind Cobie Smulders. And now ABC has some kind of coding on their site making it so I can’t get a screen shot in the browser. Hulu is the same way. And no, I have no idea what I’m going there.