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I mean, do you know how rare Chansey is?

And now the rest of them. I got there later then I had wanted took and left earlier, but still was able to get a bunch of photos that I still think came out nicely. I rained some during the day, then get really windy, but at least it was nice inside the building.

And my favorite part, the convention took place on what I like to call, the sunny side of the building, because of how the light comes in from the outside while in the lobby.

Now to figure out what the next adventure is.

Last video from the Chinese New Year parade. Enjoy.

I had a nice little weekend out. I’ve been needing some content. Now, as much as I enjoyed being there, and seeing friends of mine again that I usually only see at cosplay related events, it seemed smaller this year.

There was two other events going on in the same building so that made it a bit more crowded. There was also another convention happening at the same time Gallifrey One, which is a Dr. Who con. This same thing happened last year too. Hope that doesn’t happen next year, and that LBCE will be bigger by that time again.

Of going to a convention if you play Pokémon Go! Sometimes there are pokestops nearby each other. This was at the Long Beach Convention Center during Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend.

Used those to pick up items, place lures, and collect Pokémon. Everyone wins.

Never fails, goto a parade anywhere in LA, or likely, just anywhere, and you’ll find religious people there with their signs and preaching. I remember hearing chants from them talking about how man is destined to die, and talked about Jesus for course. Sigh…

This time, the video is now on youtube, because it’s much longer. TO help keep glare out I had my hand over the lens, which I accidentally a few times got in the frame. Bad move on my part, but I got a lot out of this.

Is of course my woman. I drive her cray sometimes but she still takes me for who I am. And here she is all dressed up for another adventure we had together. Love you Babe.

In a way, kind of a tribute to one of my old girls. She was standing on a toilet, and he jumped on the back of my chair, laid there and just stared at me. Funny how they are both on some kind of seat.

They very much are two completely different cats, not just in their coats, but over all personality. Plus he is way bigger then Cybil ever was. But one major thing in common, how much they like me.

And here is another, Also posted on instagram because of how short the video is. One I recorded was much longer and might put on youtube. That is is it’s good enough to put online. But for now.