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Many people I know where taking photos of this today so I decided to get in on the trend. Am I cool yet?


I was skating around, taking photos, and was photographed myself. So far only one person has sent me a photo from that of all those I asked to before that kept taking others of me, or posed with me. I just want to feature it.


At Moorpark College they have a teaching zoo, where students learn to train and care for wild or exotic animals. I had recently learned about what had happened to her, thought I am unable to find any kind of news story, I was able to find this.

It is with great sadness that we inform our loyal community of friends and alumni that our dear “Rosie”, the olive baboon, passed away on Tuesday, January 20th. Leaving us at the age of 35, “Rosie” was surrounded by her “team”, EATM staff and students.

Joining the ranks of “Chad”, the lion, and “Schmoo”, the California sea lion, we can now truly call “Rosie” an EATM Legend. “Rosie” helped educate thousands of California school children, taught close to 100 EATM students how to become the trainers they are today, and appeared on countless news programs to promote America’s Teaching Zoo and Moorpark College. From a college perspective, “Rosie” earned her tenure years ago and was a huge part of the Moorpark College Family and the entire community. She will be missed by her huge “troop” at EATM and Moorpark College.


Well, maybe not in my area, but certainly else where.


I don’t know how this event works entirely. I know it happens at Frank n’ Sons seemingly at least a few times a year. I went to take some photos of the cosplayers that would be around but got there to late because of getting on two of the wrong buses. Crappy day if you ask me.

I’m going to sleep now.


While online I noticed a trading item for the day was a March for Life rally happening in DC. Some big thing that pro-life people walk together for while many sourcing their bibles on why abortion should be banned. And in some cases, believe all forms of birth control should be banned. Really, what idiot thinks that would be a good idea?

Anyways, I’m not entirely sure some of there people have read their bibles.

A cover of the classic Suicidal Tendencies song. I remember when I first heard the original song so many years ago. Slightly. At the time I was looking for more bands to check out and this one in particular stood out because of how funny it was. Soon after I found out how popular the song was and found myself in some bars and clubs with it on the playlist. A lot of fun hearing people sing along to it. And now Ice T and his band Body Count has done their own version of the song which is still, rather funny. Also, during last year I did hear the entire album this song is on, though I thought it was pretty good, I believe it could of been a bit heavier. Oh well.

Anyways, enjoy the laugh.


So this seems to have become some kind of meme, and funny one at that. I decided to of course make one of my own and the only idea I had in mind is to use a screenshot from Not Another Teen Movie, which I do remember watching, and it was was kind of funny, at the most.

Well, it’s going to be a while till the new Captain America movie comes out, which I will watch, but first, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Then Terminator Genisys, and Ant-Man, the new Star Wars movie, Dawn of Justice, and likely at least a handful more of movies. I have so much to look forward to.


I see My shoulder plates and shield but, what?

Strange glitch I had one playing one time. Anywho, this is happening with World of Warcraft, a “veterans” edition as they are calling it. And with the idea of in-game time tokens on the table, this could give me more chance to play when I can.

But as always, you can also donate some game time.


Oh well, doesn’t matter, those people are suckers anyways.