Warcraft – Goblin Tech Tree

Hello, we have returned today with an other episode of my little fan series of; playable World of Warcraft races make into their own tech trees in the style of Warcraft 3, with the help of WoW Model Viewer. Basically taking the models from WoW and using that to create my own concepts of what things could look like.

Human | Dwarf | Gnome | Draenei | WorgenOrc | Tauren | Troll | Forsaken | Blood Elf | Goblin
Scourge | Legion | Naga | Old GodsPandaren | Tuskarr | Dracthyr

Now I want to start by mentioning something I believe I saw from Blizzard (or someone that works there) was a potential feature in Warcraft 3 Reforged, post launch, was the inclusion of DLC campaigns. Something I personally thought about that I believe would be a good idea is campaigns based on battles from the in game lore like, Rise of the Black Empire, War of the Three Hammers and Shifting Sand.


There would be custom tech trees for them, while also allowing the creation of new title sets, and the new models for the DLC campaigns would be used for new creeps or mercenaries for online games. So in a way it would be a win for those who like to play the single player games, and online matches because it creates more verity and longer replay-ability. After all, it is known there was a plan for remaking the story of the first Warcraft game to be playable in Warcraft 3. There would have likely been an remake of the second game too.


Anyways, off to the units for the Goblins, first seen in Warcraft 2 with the horde, then in Warcraft 3 as a neutral/mercenary race. Starting with the worker, I have two names in mind, the Drudger, or the Employee. Now there already is in game file some goblins units, like for the Shedder, which is meant to collect lumber, so I believe an equivalent should exist for mining gold. I just have the name Drillbot in mind, but who knows if that would be put in? Maybe it will be a late game thing.


Next is the combat units, with the Bruiser, based on the guards in goblin towns in WoW. The Sniper (temp name and look), and the HobGoblin as the tier 3, based on what is in WoW. I would imagine the would a weaker tier 3, but with another ability or two to help make up for that.

Now for the caster group, starting with the Priest, which will be your basic healer unit. Then the Wizard that will be like the Sorceress with the Humans. The Shaman which would be more like the Troll Witch Doctor in the Orc tree. And last is the Warlock. Yeah, the Goblins will have a bunch of casters.


Then is the siege. There is already the Sapper, which causes heavy damage but kills itself in the process. I have in mind another unit that I’m calling the Rockererr, which fires well, rockets and does heavy damage to buildings. There might be another unit, I haven’t decided upon that yet. For the flying, there already is the zeppelin which acts like a transport. That will likely stay, but need other that can attack. It will be in another type of flying machine, not sure what kind, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

And last, the hero units. There are already two in Warcraft with the Tinker, which started off as an April Fool’s joke, but because the idea was so popular they put it in game and made into a hero you can hire at a tavern. Later the Alchemist was added. But, two more heroes are still needed. So I have in mind the Goblin heroes would be a mirror of the Gnome heroes, which would include the last two here, starting with the Assassin, which will be much like the Gnome Thief, and will very likely have a different look, but this was made a long time ago and is the place holder for now. Then the Grenadier which will be like the Inventor and would be a ranged unit who can summon mechanical pets. Anyways, that’s it for now, and surprise, surprise, more is in fact coming.

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