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Well, this looks like it will be brilliant. The first movie was also really good. Also I remember recently there was news that Disney might be making a deal with FOX and the marvel characters they have the movie rights to might transfer over. Could this mean the X-Men and Deadpool will become Disney movies? I would like to see how that goes.

I spent the day watching Blizzcon stuff, and some other things. And as I was expecting, new Warcraft expansion was announced. It will be awhile I”m sure but I look forward to playing this.

I got to Downtown LA on the night of the first day of LA Comic Con. I got there later then I wanted but I made it there in the next morning. While there I was having in Little Tokyo and there was this situation going on, that was kind of funny, and pathetic.

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I said I got some video, and I deliver. Not much really, but just enough to be put on instagram. Anyways, enjoy.

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It was short, but still sweet. I’m glad I got to record something because otherwise I would have completely forget to.

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While in the middle of a shoot in a park, I saw this long line of water fowl swimming to a guy feeding them. They would.

I would say the last thing I”m looking forward to till the end of the year, and the best part is the other things I’m looking forward to before then. Two other movies, and at least 5 other events. Despite the political weirdness that kept happening, so far this has been a good year.

I remember when i saw the trailer on the first movie, I was like, “totally going to see this.” took a bit longer then i expected but I really enjoyed it. I heard about a sequel in the works for a while and now to finally see a trailer. I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it just as much.

Well, this show will be on netflix before the end of the year. It was pretty crazy seeing him in Daredevil, and his own show looks like it will be more insane.

So I saw these guys at the end of the day sunday. I didn’t really troll them, but was fun watching them get trolled.