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Archive for the ‘Video’ Category

And the second part of this video. Well, this is the last of what I got from Hollywood Carnival. I did record another video but for some reason I recorded vertically. Maybe I’ll check that out and fix it later. But for now, listen in if your homeland was named.

Seems I still have a bit of video from this event a month and a half ago. I’m so glad I had sun screen on, which I got a couple of weeks before at LA Pride from a medical van there. I just wish both of those events and more like it happened more often.

And if you are wondering what Soca is, it’s a genre of music with origin from the Caribbean.

I recorded a bit more video then I thought. And it was just enough to where I was able to split it in half. Relatively. This time it’s more of Rubin complaining about the LGBTQ community, that it’s also known to protest against during pride parades around the US. But really, who is funding this guy?

So yeah, I got some video of this. Rubin and his friends have returned, like they always do during this convention, and others like Wondercon (but not this year for some reason), Anime Expo, pride events around the country or any place else to “preach the gospel.” And by that I mean pick fights.

But really, how are people like this so well traveled? The only explanation I can think of is that they are being funded, but by who?

It’s been a name that was given to Anime Expo for awhile due to a problem that was believed to have been done with along time ago. Well it came back this year but with a vengeance. I didn’t have to wait in this, but this is what so many other poor people had to go through.

More video from Hollywood Carnvial last weekend. This time a man with the power of fire. But instead of flying throwing fireballs at people as I laugh at their pain, because I’m a bad superhero, this guy breathes it out. I find that more impressive.

The first bit of media from the Hollywood Carnival this weekend. It was a pretty good event. Got there after the parade started, which was a good idea. Lots of music and dancing like every year.

I got a lot of photos and it will be split into two albums, so be on the watch out for when they come online during the week. There is also more video coming.

I think I’ll make this a tradition for every time I goto DragCon, get my self blessed by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. I think it’s a fun things to do, no one gets hurt and you feel way more awesome after. In fact, I think everyone should get themselves blessed any change they get.

Because how else would you call it with male superheroes? During Comic Con Revolution last week.

The first Terminator movie I saw was Terminator 2, as a kid. I remember wanting to see it in theaters because Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of my favorite actors at the time. But kept being told I was still to little and it would scare me. I eventually saw it and highly enjoyed the movie. I later saw the 3rd movie and Salvation in theaters, but still haven’t seen Genisys yet, still. I keep hearing it’s pretty bad.

But seeing Linda Hamilton back is nice because I’ve always liked her. And I guess this means the third movie is no longer canon because it was said her character died before the events of that movie. Lets see how this one goes.