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Archive for the ‘Video’ Category

Because how else would you call it with male superheroes? During Comic Con Revolution last week.

The first Terminator movie I saw was Terminator 2, as a kid. I remember wanting to see it in theaters because Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of my favorite actors at the time. But kept being told I was still to little and it would scare me. I eventually saw it and highly enjoyed the movie. I later saw the 3rd movie and Salvation in theaters, but still haven’t seen Genisys yet, still. I keep hearing it’s pretty bad.

But seeing Linda Hamilton back is nice because I’ve always liked her. And I guess this means the third movie is no longer canon because it was said her character died before the events of that movie. Lets see how this one goes.

So, a couple of friends at Comic Con Revolution, being silly, because they are awesome like that.

Well, it’s been two weeks since End Game came out, and I of course highly enjoyed that movie. And since phase 3 of the MCU will end with Spiderman, then phase 4 will start coming out sometime in 2021 I believe.

I’m sure it will be a good movie, but not sure will be as much as End Game was. But that doesn’t matter because I’m going to see it anyways. And warning, if you haven’t seen that yet, see it now or you might get spoiled with this trailer.

Just when I was thinking the butterfly migration was done going through LA, seems to be another wave coming through. Pretty sure this has been going on for at least a month. I guess there was quite a lot of them down in their winter grounds down in Mexico this year.

Don’t give up little buddies.

Well, this was also a long time coming. I’ve known this was in the works, I just wanted to know the name. It is reveled at the end of the trailer, for those of you that haven’t see it yet, and for some strange reason this site was the place you found out.

Now to wait for december.

And I guess this is the final trailer for the movie. Rather happy how Captain Marvel came out, but this, this is what I’ve been waiting for most after Infinity War. Because I just want to see how it all finally goes down, and You know that will be an insanely epic battle.

I have a month and a half to wait, andI guess I have to tough it out till then.

While at Long Beach Comic Expo this year, here was a little nerf war room set up. I didn’t battle but saw some people engaging in it and looked fun. Maybe next time.

Last video from the Chinese New Year parade. Enjoy.

And here is another, Also posted on instagram because of how short the video is. One I recorded was much longer and might put on youtube. That is is it’s good enough to put online. But for now.