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Archive for the ‘Video’ Category

I’m pretty sure many people still cut these up when they came across them. Because I’ve see a few to many photos of animals caught in these. If I can help prevent that, I will.

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I once again headed Downtown for this party, and this time I got a little more. I started recording at the beginning of the countdown when it reached the 5 minute mark. There will also be photos coming of what I would call my perfect night.

Walking about Little Tokyo getting ready for a Harajuku gathering. Got some photos of the GF, and this silly bit of video. We are such fun.

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My cat, this is what she does. I lay down, she lays on me and sleeps. So happy.

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While at Grand Park last night there was a massive light saber battle going on, I got here while it was still kind of early because I had some other place to go. I also got some photos so that’s coming. Also at the time there wasn’t exactly a lot of people there but I did grow. So for now I have this quick dual that happened soon after I get there.

We are really having this problem again.

I’ve been waiting for this to come out for so long, and I’m so excited. May next year, it’s a long way to go, and for the first part of the movie too, but it will still be fun.

This is being talked about again. Seems most people are for net neutrality, and yet there are those few who are against it that want to ruin it for everyone. Will they listen to everyone else? nope, they don’t care. I’ll just make this easy on myself and post this video from Philip DeFranco.

Well, this looks like it will be brilliant. The first movie was also really good. Also I remember recently there was news that Disney might be making a deal with FOX and the marvel characters they have the movie rights to might transfer over. Could this mean the X-Men and Deadpool will become Disney movies? I would like to see how that goes.

I spent the day watching Blizzcon stuff, and some other things. And as I was expecting, new Warcraft expansion was announced. It will be awhile I”m sure but I look forward to playing this.