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Archive for the ‘Video’ Category

While at VRLA last week I saw this going on, Looks kind of interesting, and would have gone in to try it but the line was so long they had to put in a cut off point. I can only imagine what they might have been looking at.

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Something I got to check out during VRLA.

Saw this at The VRLA event from saturday, pretty cool thing. Just a taste of whats is going, I got a few photos out of it, mainly because there isn’t a lot to take photos of, sadly. But, Got some nice video. Brace yourself, some if it is a bit funny.

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Well, Since I knew the Star Wars Celebration was coming up, I figured this was also going to come out during that. It will be nice to see Carrie Fisher one last time. I would totally be at that event but, lack more, and it was in florida. Maybe it will be back in LA sometime soon and I can do that then.

I was expecting to see this sometime next month, maybe before guardians of the galaxy 2 came out. Still cool to see, none the less. This is hopefully a good year for movies.

It’s like you are in a whole new world. Ok, Not really, but a little clip I got during wondercon.

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Back form day one of wondercon in Anaheim. Went eat with some friends at a shawarma place, and I liked it. never had that before to. After I saw this dude with a sign on the street corner and one friend decided to be silly. This was the result.

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Old Vine. She really is such an adorable cat. but i think the funniest thing about her is the fact she snores.

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Oh, the movies coming out that I’m waiting to see. I’m really hoping this comes out to be good, and I feel the same way with Wonder Woman. But first, It’s about seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 2, because that’s out in just over a month.

John Oliver, posted this on the youtube page for his show. Trying to figure out some ideas of what i can do.