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Well, this show will be on netflix before the end of the year. It was pretty crazy seeing him in Daredevil, and his own show looks like it will be more insane.

So I saw these guys at the end of the day sunday. I didn’t really troll them, but was fun watching them get trolled.

While at Fitexpo saturday, I decided to try thus out. And now, to promote stuff I saw during that. First there was the Bang booth, then Bodybuilder that handed out shirts, bottles, and the hat I’m seen wearing in this video. Sweet Sweat, which is meant to enhance your workout. Vitamin World had some products they where handing out. Nooma, Celsius. And this was what I can remember getting stuff from during FitExpo.

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Last video from that convention. Meant to upload a bit sooner but did other things instead. Not to worry, it was all good and fun.

This is happening across the continental US next week. so where ever you are, go here, enter your zip code, and find out when it will be at it’s maximum. I won’t be seeing a total fro where i am at, but hope someday I will, but still will enjoy watching it from here.

Another fun interview during Politicon. This time with Lady Justice. He superpower, she gives off an aura of holiness, for JUSTICE!!!

Taken during Politicon. Just a silly little interview going going to show politics doesn’t always have to be serious. You can have fun with it to.

Really the same people, but one thing I noticed while reviewing the video, is the guy that I think was trying to pick the fight with me after trying to get him to claim down is there.

After there far-left wing people got escorted out, they stood in front of the convention center shouting, then I noticed a small group of trump supporters trying to counter them. This is what I recorded of that. At first I wasn’t sure if they had also got kicked out, but later on I saw the same people across the street with a car and more trump gear with them. I realized I think i’ve seen some of these same people at some rallies here in LA. Pretty dedicated group. I doubt they are being paid, but what if?

Done with the first day, got some nice photos and a bit of video.