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When I press Record

Kid Cudi 0

Kid Cudi

Along with the photo before, and a few others that I didn’t like as much. I also got some video from that day while on set for Bill and Ted Face the Music. Because the director did say it was ok, and it’s still weird to me since i’m not used to that while on set. I’m also amazing how short of a day that was too because the shorts about of time I’ve been on something I believe was about 6 hours and was for Mind Hunter. Longest, 14 and for SWAT.

CNY ’20 – Parade End Ceremony 0

CNY ’20 – Parade End Ceremony

Seems I had less video than I thought. Anyways, after the parade had gone by I walked down the street with my friend. We headed to the starbuck at the end of the route to pick some water up and that’s hen I learned about this.

Warning! it gets real loud!

CNY ’20 – Lion Dance – Clip 1 0

CNY ’20 – Lion Dance – Clip 1

I was in Chinatown this weekend for Chinese New Year. Nice little tradition of mine that i’ve been doing for some time in the middle of the last decade. And eventually I find what I believe is the best spot along the route because I get to see the Lion Dances. I think it’s the most interesting part of the parade.

LA No Pants ’20 – Video 0

LA No Pants ’20 – Video

So a buddy of mine that I meet last year when I led the pasadena group made a video fo his adventure from the day. I seen a few times in this, taking photos mostly. Give more an idea of how wild it all is if you missed out so hopefully more people can join in the next year.

New Years Countdown ’20 0

New Years Countdown ’20

It’s going to take awhile to get used to putting down the year 2020 instead of 2019. Anyways, I got video of this that I started later than I wanted by a few seconds. I didn’t realize I wasn’t recording but glad I did at that moment because I would have been far more upset. As of now I’m hoping the rest of the year comes out better then the last few days because that’s been sucking.

But anyways, happy new year.

On Set For Grand Hotel 0

On Set For Grand Hotel

A while ago I posted a screen shot from the broadcast for the show Grand Hotel, where you can clearly see me skating around. Then recently I discovered the show was canceled after finishing the first season ended.

But anyways, I came across this video that I find kind of creepy from set, and you clearly see me in it, again. Along with Eva who was directing the episode, with her baby.