CicLAvia 10.7.12

Something that caught my attention coming up. In downtown, Sunday some streets will be closed for people to roam around in the streets either by bike, skates, foot, whatever, who cares, just enjoy yourself. From the Facebook page.

We’ll see you October 7th!

To encourage safe, vibrant public spaces, sustainable
transportation, and public health through a program of car-free street events.

Company Overview
Inspired by the original ciclovía in Bogotá Colombia, CicLAvia addresses five important issues in Los Angeles today: public space, public health, community and economic development, and promoting walking and biking.

CicLAvia is a free and recurring event that allows for the temporary closing of interconnected routes throughout the region, creating a web of public space in which Angelenos can walk, bike, exercise, socialize, celebrate, and explore new cultures and neighborhoods. Similar events occur in many other cities around the US like Portland, New York and San Francisco. The Bogóta ciclovía also has inspired programs in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Quito and Melbourne.

Be there.

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