Pasadena Ideal Org Opening

Rather fun and entertaining protest we had sunday, big event with the opening of a new ideal org. and I got a photo of oh great leader himself, Slappy Squirrel, hehehe. I always thought it was funny how scientologist accuse critics of harassment, yeah, maybe they should care to explain what they did to Paulette Cooper, Shawn Lonsdale, Cynthia Kisser, Mark, Tory, Barb, Bob Minton, and a crap load of other people, willingly! If you ask me, what we may do with them is nothing compared what we know they do. all because they speak critically of scientology. The evidence is not only overwhelming, but scientology has always had a history of this kind of behavior, and they lie to right to your face about it like it means nothing.

No matter, we really are the worst thing to ever happen to them.

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