Printing Cards

so while at comic con i printed up a bunch of cards to hand out to people there, and i ended up handing out more then i thought i would. so i went to staples to get some card stock and ended up getting a lot more then i wanted, at least i think its more then what i was after. it was the smallest package i can find.

and so finally last night i printed more cards, for a little while i been printing cards with a photo of mine as part of the background. so i decided on something new , and what i did here is have each card will have a different photo of mine to use as a background just to make things more interesting.

here are some photos i took of the process

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2 Responses

  1. Tcpsolid says:

    daniel could you do business cards for me?
    If you have enough extras?

  2. shark says:

    talk to me on AIM

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