Warcraft – Forsaken Tech Tree

It’s that time again, the next part of my own little fan series, Warcraft 4: if Blizzard make World of Warcraft into a strategy game instead of an MMO, based on what I believe the tech trees would look like if I was to decide how it would go. With the help of the WoW Model Viewer.

Human | Dwarf | Gnome | Draenei | WorgenOrc | Tauren | Troll | Forsaken | Blood Elf | Goblin

Now before anything, I will not be posting a Night Elf tech tree, because that already exists in Warcraft 3 and I don’t have anything new to add. And I like that a lot because it makes my life so much easier.

Anyways, today is the Forsaken, a branch of the Undead Scourge that broke off after regaining their own freewill, and just simply trying to find their own place in the world. That and to get revenge of those who raised them into undeath. Starting off with the worker unit, the serf. Really not much different from the other worker units. This is also where things get interesting, as the Forsaken tech tree will nearly be a mirror to the human tree.

Royal guard

With that being said, next are the combat units, starting with the tier 1, the Deathguard, named after the guard npcs seen in undead settlements. The ranged unit will be the Deathseeker, and last is the tier 3 with the Royal guard, whose name is based on the Royal Dreadguard. Each unit will be a rough equivalent of the Footman, Marksman, and Knight. I have in mind they have a little less health or damage to the human counterparts, but something else added with them that would also help give a little more edge to the battle.

Dark Cleric

The next group are the casters, with the Banshees remaining. There reason I decided upon this is because when you first play as what became the Forsaken in The Frozen Throne, the banshee is playable. Now for the rest of the casters is much like the human tree, again, with the Dark Cleric, acting as a healer. After that is the Magi, pretty much the forsaken version of the Conjurer, and last is the (I know, I’m bad at doing up with names, but this is it for the moment) with the Warlock.


Next up is the siege units, with a Forsaken version of the catapult, that I’m calling the Blight Spreader, which is of course a name taken from WoW. Then the flying unit will be the Apothecary, which this version will be flying on a bat, much like the Troll Bat rider, but will toss chemicals at enemy units.

And last, are the hero units. Once again, being a near mirror of the human tree. The Dark Ranger will return, and with it is the Death Stalker. A stealth, rogue/spy unit. The Dreadmage, which might be mounted. And last the Death Knight, something like the Death Knight already seen in Warcraft 3, but more in the style of the Forsaken, and not mounted.

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