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Time for another edition of my little fan series; where I imagine the very small and unlikely possibility that if the story of World of Warcraft was remade as a strategy game, like the previous Warcraft games, and tech trees for the various playable races and some enemy factions were made in the style of Warcraft 3, this is what I believe it would look like. Using the site, Wow.Tools on their model viewer help create my concepts. Now if you are not a Warcraft fan, you might not get what this is about, but for those into the games you likely will.

Human | Dwarf | Gnome | Draenei | WorgenOrc | Tauren | Troll | Forsaken | Blood Elf | Goblin
Scourge | Legion | Naga | Old Gods | TwilightPandaren | Tuskarr | Dracthyr | Mawsworn

Today is the Mawsworn from the expansion, Shadowlands. I mentioned in the post about the Twilight’s Hammer each expansion had a main faction who is causing the most problems in the world, for that time, with them being the main antagonist organization for Cataclysm. After that was Mists of Pandaria where it started as a faction war, then you are fighting Orcs who basically became nationalists. Warlords of Draenor where you fight Orcs again, but this time they are tricked into fighting someone else’s battles who just wanted revenge, then ending with the Legion starting to be a problem again. Next in the Legion expansion where the Burning Legion is the enemy, again. After that is Battle for Azeroth which is once again a faction war, along with fighting the Old Gods who you deal with at the end.


Now the forces of the Maw, Lead by the Jailer, also known as Zovaal span a number of type of beings, but what I’m focusing on here is what is most commonly found with in the realm of the Maw, in Warcraft. Now there are a lot of other creatures running around in this zone, but you can only choose from so many. All these units ideas, along with those on the other trees I made on the other pages are inspired by or based on what is already seen in WoW.

Now to start things off with the worker unit for the Mawsworn, the Subjugated. A soul who was completely tormented and beaten down they ended up in full submission to follow the will of their cruel new masters. Then again the idea of someone collecting gold and chopping trees in the afterlife is silly, but hey, got to keep the gameplay consistent no matter the realms.

Soul Crusher

Next group up, the combat units. First is the tier 1, the Shackler, I have in mind it would be slightly more powerful than the footman on the Human tree. The ranged unit, which right now I’m calling the Deadeye. It’s just simply an archer, but I’m not sure if it will have a bow, or crossbow. The tier 3 unit, that I’m calling the Soul Crusher, that I have in mind will be ruffly as powerful as the Abomination on the Undead tree. And last, a final combat unit which would act something like the Mountain Giant on the Night Elf tree, that I’m calling the Behemoth.


On to the next set of units, the casters. The first of the group is the Necromancer. There will be a commonalities with the version on the Undead tree, but that’s it. Then there is the Tormenter, just other casting unit, nothing else in mind for now. And last the Shade, which will have differences with what is on the Undead tree, like how this can be seen by enemy units and attack unlike the version we already have. No sure what abilities it will have either. Now I’m not sure what to use as a siege unit, but will likely reuse something that is already in game, but visually changed to match the visual style.


And last is the flying, which I’m calling the Soulbreaker. The model file calls it a Maw Kyrian, but can’t have that, and there are some in game mobs with that name and I liked it a lot. And last I want to add what I call an observer unit. It will act like the Shade in the Undead tree. Can’t be seen unless there is some kind of detector around, and it is unable to attack. I’m calling it the Soul Seeker.

Soul Seeker

And now for the final group, the Hero units. It was kind of a lot trying to figure this out but I believe this looks about right. Stating off with the Eviscerator, a mounted unit, much like the Death Knight on the Undead tree. Next up is the Soulrender, a powerful combat unit, likely similar to the Tauren Chieftain on the Orc tree. The Valkier, first seen in Wrath of the Lich King, turns out they were working with someone else the entire time. And last a different type of Lich, because I felt that was appropriate.

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