Warcraft – Gnome Tech Tree

Hello, and welcome back to Warcraft 3: a fan made concept if each playable race in World of Warcraft was playable in a strategy game going on with the WoW story line, with help with the WoW Model Viewer to help put my ideas in mind.

Human | Dwarf | Gnome | Draenei | WorgenOrc | Tauren | Troll | Forsaken | Blood Elf | Goblin

Today is the Gnomes, first seen in Warcraft 2, with the Gnomish Flying Machine. And was the only time they were seen, till WoW came out, and there is an in game reason for it. But starting things off, is the worker unit, the Engineer. Pretty much doing the same basic worker tasks, like collecting gold, lumber and constructing buildings. Next are the combat units. First is the Trooper, with their look based on some Gnome NPC’s during an in game event long ago. I would loved to have played that, along with some other pre-patch events but I didn’t have a computer that could play WoW at the time so I was completely out of luck.

Spider Tank

The ranged unit, which as of now I’m calling the Gunner. Name will likely change. Also for the moment it does have the same armor as the Trooper, which one or both looks might end up changing. And last is the tier 3 unit for the gnomes, which will be a bit of a change up, with the Spider Tank. What will be different is it will be also be a short ranged unit a lot like the Huntress with the Night Elves. And perhaps have an ensnare ability, keeping enemy units stuck in a spot for a short amount of time.


Next are the caster units, since Gnomes weren’t in Warcraft 3, they need casters, and I’m basing them off different type of caster you can make when creating a Gnome in WoW. First up is the Medic, a healing unit of course, but with a gun. Not just any gun, but one that can also heal. How I got the idea for that is watching someone play the Medic on Team Fortress 2. I thought the idea was really funny so I went with it. Then there is the Wizard, which I know, not very creative name, but might be the best for now.


The last caster is the Warlock, likely be a name change. Next are the siege units. The first will be the Battle Suit, which I have in mind it will work a lot like the Mountain Giant for the Night Elf tech tree, where it will have a taunt ability and do extra damage to buildings. I also have in mind another stream tank type unit like what is seen with the Humans. I’m at a blank right now on what it will look like but I’m sure there is something in WoW that would work out. And last for the regular units, is the flying. As of now it’s just going to be a Gnomish Flying Machine, like what is also seen in the Human tech tree, but will have a more Gnome like look.

And finally, the hero units. Since there are no Gnomes in Warcraft 3 we’ll have to make all new stuff, again. The first two, I have in mind both of them would be a reskin of something already in game, the Technomage which will be a redone Goblin Tinker, with some different abilities. The look I have here is what I have in mind, minus the back piece, that’s just there as a place holder. Then there will be the Battlemaster which will be a remade version of the Goblin Alchemist, also with some different abilities, and will be a gnome driving a type of mech, kind of Gundam style but not as massive. The look I have in mind would be something like Mekkatorque in his suit. Then there will be the Thief (temp name) which will be a spy like unit with a stealth ability and alchemy type attacks. Last is the Inventor, which will be like the Beast Master, but a ranged unit, and can summon mechanical pets.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Hope someone likes my ideas. And if you are someone who can actually work with the map editor for Warcraft 3, or have the ability to modify some of the models or create your own, feel free to use my ideas.

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