Warcraft – Draenei Tech Tree

Before anything, I just want to say as of this post I’m on my way to Wondercon right now, so there will be plenty of photos form that coming from this weekend. Anyways, and back to the post at hand of my series: World of Warcraft, umm, I mean, Warcraft 3: the fan made concept of the next part of the game of each playable race tech tree.

Human | Dwarf | Gnome | Draenei | WorgenOrc | Tauren | Troll | Forsaken | Blood Elf | Goblin
Scourge | Legion | Naga | Old Gods | TwilightPandaren | Tuskarr | Dracthyr | Mawsworn

Today will feature a tech tree for what I believe would work out for the Draenei. First seen in Warcraft 3, but not like what we know them as now. They first appeared as playable in WoW with the Burning Crusade expansion as one of the two new playable races. The first revealed was the Blood Elves with the Horde. But no one knew what the Alliance race was going to be, but I remember wide speculation it will be the Draenei. Then E3 Expo was coming up that year, then someone got in and took some photos of the Blizzard booth before the show started. I remember being really confused because I saw what looked like this one really big, really mean demon, Archimonde but wearing what looked like Paladin gear. Turns out the Draenei are the holy cousins of a group of demons, and what we saw before was a devolved version of what some ended up becoming.


Starting things off with the worker unit, the Artificer, based on the Draenei NPCs seen in WoW. Next are the combat units, which I want to be nearly a mirror of the orc tree I made on here. Starting with the Peacekeeper, which will be roughly on par with the grunt. Then the Defender, just a ranged unit using a gun. Now unlike the Orcs in my tree, the Draenei in mine will have a tier 3, with the Vigilant, first seen in Warlords of Draenor. I figure they would be in comparison to the Tauren in the Horde tree in Warcraft 3. Next is the Elekk Rider which will act a lot like the Kodo Beast with the Orcs. It will be a type of ranged unit that will also give a combat boost to nearby friendly units. As of now here is just an idea of what it will look like without the rider.


Moving on to the caster units, we are starting with the Anchorite, and their name is based on the priest class of Draenei. After that is the Magus, which will be a lot like the Sorceress on the human tree. And last of the casters, the Shaman (temp name). The next group is the siege units, which will be the Draenei ballista, which is already in game so I’m set there. And last the flying unit. I’m having a lot of trouble thinking of anything but I know I want it to be like an equivalent to the Wind Riders with the Orcs. Perhaps it will be Draenei riding a Mana Ray.


And finally, the Hero units. And since there is nothing in Warcraft 3 with them, here are my 4 ideas. Starting with the Vindicator, named after the NPCs in game, which acts a lot like the Paladin. Next is the Archmage, much like the Human version. Then is the Rangari, a ranged combat unit, which in WoW seem to be like a mix of hunter and rouge. And finally is the Far Seer, and will be much like the Orc version.

Anyways, remember, this is just a fan made thing of some ideas of mine that I believe could work out as possible tech trees if each playable race in WoW was remade into a strategy game in the style of Warcraft 3.

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